Wife Forced off of Husbands Plan

From – AMAC Member R. M.

I have been retired for eight years now. One of my benefits for retiring was free health, eye and dental care until I turned 65. Which is the age we get got by our government with medicare and medicade by having to manditorily go on the plan. My Wife and I were insured under my plan for free, until this year, at which time she is being forced off my plan, because her job offers an insurance plan. So, now she is paying over $400.00 a month, just for herself and I am having to pay for my own insurance now, too. We now pay a deductible and have a minimum amount to pay out of pocket, before our coverage kicks in, only paying 80% and us paying the other 20% out of our pocket. Plus, my payments that my company paid for our coverage for last year became taxable income for me and I had to pay taxes on it. Sad thing is, all our money is going into the general funds for our stealing gov and the coverage can be denied or deductible set so high that heal thy people, like my Wife and I, don’t get any coverage money, because we never spend enough to get the 80% money. The government ends up collecting loads and loads of money for them to waste and pay out so little that they can go hog wild with a new found tax and no one to answer to. But, we had to pass it to see what was in it!!!! Gees!!! When are we going to wise up? And the government people don’the have to abide by hussein’s obummer care!

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