Coronavirus / COVID-19 Stimulus / Economic Developments


CheckThe U.S. government acknowledges the financial concerns of its citizens due to the spread of COVID-19. Currently, over 150 million Americans are being told to stay at home in efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. President Trumps has pledged to help U.S. citizens by putting money into the pocket of most Americans. He pushed for a $1,200 check to be sent to Americans who qualify in order to stimulate the economy and help workers whose jobs have been affected by closures due to the pandemic. The bill has now passed the House and Senate and is expected to be signed by the President very soon.

U.S. Government officials will soon announce how the payments will reach the people, whether by check or other means such as direct deposits. Some seniors are claiming that they are receiving phony checks in the mail. Understand that for now, NO checks have been issued. Currently, the details are still being worked out. Thus, any checks currently circulating are not valid or real. In addition, the government will never ask you to pay anything upfront to get the money. The government will not call you for your social security number. If you get a phone call of that nature, rest assured it’s a scam. You will also not need to claim a “stimulus incentive” nor call or visit any temporary relief sites. These are signs of scams.

The best thing to do is be patient and pay attention to official statements issued by Government officials. If you are a victim of a check-related scam, or receive a check that appears suspicious, please contact your state’s attorney general’s office and/or the FTC at  It is important to stay vigilant to stay scam-free.

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