Unmasking Palinphobia

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

The left continues to be obsessed with Sarah Palin’s every peep, sneeze, and stride.  Despite the fact that it has been over a year since the 2008 Presidential Election, Palinphobia remains fiercely intact, no doubt fueled by the release of Going Rogue and sure to be sustained by Palin’s decision to join the Fox News team.  The question is why, and the common response that she’s a conservative woman, and hence guaranteed to be routinely in the line of fire, is unsatisfactory to the American voter.  And it should be.

Of course Palin’s commitment to the pro-life movement will forever imprint a scarlet letter on her chest in the minds of the pro-abortion National Organization for Women and its wide-eyed followers, despite the true origin of the feminist movement and Palin’s alignment with it.  But the reality is that there is something unique and remarkably threatening about Sarah Palin that places her in a league of her own.  Despite her media and fan-bestowed celebrity status, Palin is, at her core, an everyday American.  She’s a proud hockey mom who acknowledges her mistakes and imperfections.  She pledges allegiance to our flag and her faith.  She isn’t worried about not having a pretentious Ivy League degree.  She doesn’t come from affluence or bear a prestigious family name.  And if she skins her knees beating the boys in a basketball game, she’ll likely do a quick victory lap and treat them to dinner at the Palin house.  A woman who doesn’t feel victimized by the boys?  There’s another strike against her from the feminist left.

The fact that Palin doesn’t view herself as a political celebrity or a star in the Republican Party makes her allure all the richer.  It’s like a Valedictorian who doesn’t think she’s particularly smart or a handsome gentleman who doesn’t own a mirror, each becoming infinitely more appealing as a result of their humility.  The truth is that Palin has become a star by virtue of being just like you and me.  And the elitists, particularly academics on the left, are heated.  They want their politicians snooty, want the lofty intellectualism they believe themselves to possess mirrored back at them by the big words and fancy slogans of their elected officials.  They want their pomp and circumstance, a perfect side dish to the hollow rhetoric of their holier-than-thou leaders.  For those elitists, Palin’s substance just isn’t going to cut it.  And aggravating them all the more is the fact that she couldn’t care less.

Make no mistake that Palinphobia will continue to breed and thrive in the months to come.  There will be a host of insecure retaliations to both the monumental success of her book and the rise of the conservative ideology she represents.  However, Palin’s down-to-earth speech, love of country, and empathy for the challenges of the average American family will continue to inspire America’s patriots.

P.S.–Keep an eye on those patriots as they go rogue in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

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