Unaffordable Health Care

From – AMAC Member Richard F.

Is anyone interested in the UNAFFORDABLE Health Care results on Real People? I retired two years ago and needed healthcare for my wife. It took me 40+ hours on the computer and ten or so hours on the phone to finally get something going for 2014. By the “good graces” of the New York Health, and after giving them access for next year we were “given” $204 a month toward health care in a 9 page document. In January this year another 9 page document $268 a month since they could access my records and seeing first hand the major portion of my retirement was Social Security. Then the BOMB! We had our taxes done. I had to give back the $2450 I got from UNAFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE, and was advised to refuse the “help” for this year if I didn’t want to pay that all back in 2016. Wrote the “uncle” Chuckie Schummer in the middle of February asking why. I’m still waiting for his answer. Good thing I’m not holding my breath. He has more pressing problems like when people park on the railroad tracks why the train doesn’t get out of the way. I also asked my tax preparer if he removed the “help” from my taxes how much would I own the Treasury. The answer ZERO. That’s the reason for help refusal. I thank GOD my wife turns 65 for tax year 2016 so I don’t have to go through the “exchange” anymore.

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