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Trump Says Places of Worship Are ‘Essential,’ Need to Reopen


    • Trump will override any governors if they keep those places of worship closed, he says at the White House

President Trump says churches, synagogues and mosques are “essential places” and says he’s directed the CDC to issue guidelines for the places of worship to reopen. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their guidance for places of worship on Friday afternoon and you may read about it here.

“I said I want the churches to open,” Trump said, “We want to get our churches back.”

The White House and CDC have clashed over providing guidance to religious groups because the Trump administration didn’t want to restrict them, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Samuel Church, a family physician in Hiawassee, Georgia, said in an interview prior to Trump’s comments in Michigan that a number of his patients want to go back to church, but can’t as many have remained closed.

“That’s been decided for them,” he said.

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