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AMAC has partnered with Heritage Action in an effort to highlight the need for pro-growth, comprehensive tax reform in America. We invite you to join us in our #TaxReform Twitter campaign and tweet any of the messages below to your Congressman. Let’s work together to amplify our message— the American people want tax reform based on conservative principles!

Here are three easy ways in which you can participate:

  1. Please copy and tweet this message to congressmen and congresswomen:
    • [@InsertYourCongressmen’sTwitterName] I stand with @MatureAmericans in urging congress to pass #TaxReform and #ProGrowth policies that allow Americans to prosper.
  2. After tweeting the message above to your congressmen and congresswomen, we encourage you to continue in the #TaxReform conversation on Twitter. Feel free to share these sample tweets to your friends and followers:
    • The Constitution contains 4,543 words, but somehow the tax code needs 4 million words. Congress must pass conservative #TaxReform
    • Outdated.Overwhelming.Onerous. It’s time for Congress to follow through on its promises and pass conservative #TaxReform
    • Reducing the corporate tax rate would increase wages for workers, decrease the cost of goods, and boost investment for all. #TaxReform
    • 40% of the corporate stock is owned through retirement plans- cutting the corporate tax rate would benefit everyone’s retirement. #TaxReform
  3. Here are some key talking points to mention in your tweets:
    • Lower and simplify individual tax rates. Tax reform must improve the simplicity and transparency of paying taxes, along with lowering overall rates. It’s time to let hard-working Americans keep more of their paycheck.
    • End cronyism. Tax reform should seek to eliminate policies that Congress intended to benefit particular industries or groups.
    • Establish a territorial tax system. Lowering US tax rates will unleash economic growth and encourage investment in our cities.
    • Lower the corporate tax rate to encourage growth and help American workers.

New to twitter?

Creating a Twitter Account

How to Send Your First Tweet

As we move forward and continue to focus our efforts on tax reform, we thank you for helping us spread this important message.

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