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Tag: United States

oil derrick crude US leader jones

Waive the Jones Act

George Soros tax cuts campaign US Census 132

Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census

Venezuelan Socialism 99

Is the Liberty of Venezuela the Responsibility of the United States?

capitol last solution convention 14

History of the Article V Convention

build wall taxpayers save money billions border pentagon 3

The Wall Will Pay for Itself, and Then Some

money poverty policy migrants extortion 57

Migrants Attempt Extortion: Give Us $50K, and We’ll Leave

Venezuela Map flag socialist 5

White House, Kremlin Trade Barbs Over Russian Bombers Sent to Venezuela

USS Arizona Pearl Harbor 1

Honoring 77th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack

China 6

Pro-China Labor Group Helped Flip 2 Senate Seats in Nevada

greenhouse theory global warming political science climate 22

‘A Political Report Masquerading as Science’: The Truth About the New Climate Report