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Petition to Declare Soros a Terrorist Reaches Threshold for White House Response

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Private Sector to the Rescue in Texas: Never Underestimate the Power of the Private Sector to Rise Up to Any Challenge

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Far-Left Antifa Agitators on the Rise in the Age of Trump

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Armed With Her Dad’s Gun, This 17-Year-Old Girl Fended Off A Wanted Man Who Broke Into Her Home

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Justice Thomas Calls Out the Supreme Court for Not Believing in the Second Amendment

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Supremes Hand Down Big Wins for the Nation, says AMAC

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Missouri Tried to Discriminate Against a Church for No Good Reason. How the Supreme Court Leveled the Playing Field.

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GOP Flips Obama-Era Regulations – “a Boon to Economy”

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Oklahoma House Declares Abortion Murder


11 Ways Trump Has Rolled Back Government Regulations in His First 100 Days