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Tag: Republicans

stopgap-first-amendment left conservatives violence federal employees fired cause senate republicans 2

Senate Republicans Renew Earmark Ban and Make It Permanent

swing states

Just What Is a Swing State?

Gosnell babies media movie fetal tissue research baby abortion born protecting babies 2

House Republicans Ask Democrats to Help Force Vote on Protecting Lives of Babies Born After Abortion

abortion pro life unborn children march 86

Killer Party: Dems Stand Alone on Infanticide

congress-budget-shutdown 2

Report on Congress – Shutdown or No shutdown?

democrats failure democratic Trump lawmakers midterms mob 54

Opinion: Did Democrats Elect Trump Tormentors Instead of Lawmakers in the 2018 Midterms?

midterms election vote reality 2

Meaning of These Midterms – Reality Check

state-dept-clinton-emails clinton FBI probe Clinton Hillary Civility Democrats 164

Hillary Clinton: ‘Civility Can Start Again’ When Democrats Take Congress

voted election fraud hacking voting 3

Finally, Action to Combat True Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections by Non-Citizens Voting

tax reform democrats 13

Democrats in Four States File a Misguided Lawsuit against the Tax-Reform Law