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NBC news amiplified Schiff Adam misinformation attack free press 10

Adam Schiff’s Attack on the Free Press

impeachment Lindsey Graham spin Trump russia 39

Lindsey Graham: ‘Be Wary’ Of ‘Spin’ From WaPo, NYT Ahead Of Trump-Russia Report

Trump dollars taxpayers 38

Poll: Majority Believe Media Working With Democrats to Try to Impeach Trump


Americans Worry Too Much – Take a Breath

Trump media headlines 5

Media Publishes Misleading Headlines About Trump’s Comments Following Weekend Shootings

candidates 39

Candidates, Issues, Debates, and the Media in the 2020 Election

apollo 11 moon landing sexism 4

Robert Charles: Woke Media Turn Moon Landing into ‘Political Knife Fight’ About Sexism

protest violent Antifa anarchy terrorism 92

“Total Anarchy”: Media Now Encouraging and Politicians Tolerating Left-wing Terrorism

media children inappropriate impact kids 17

AMAC Warns of ‘Inappropriate Impact’ of Media On Our Kids

liberal media 56

Liberal Media Suffer Cognitive Dissonance – As Untrue Narratives Collapse