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File Early and Invest vs Wait to File – Ask Rusty

China foothold US mainland communist total war Chinese 2

China Continues Total War Against the U.S., Will Anyone Pay Attention?

IRS seize employees fired 236

The IRS Has Rehired Hundreds of Fired Employees. Congress Should Step In.

Venezuela socialism socialist collapsing inflation 5

Inflation to Hit 1 Million Percent in Collapsing, Socialist Venezuela

voted election fraud hacking voting 3

Finally, Action to Combat True Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections by Non-Citizens Voting

supreme court pay fees union taxes public 58

Public Sector Unions in Turmoil After High Court Rules They Can’t Force Non-Union Workers to Pay Fees

biden hunter payments cash harmless provisions savings tax corporations money 48

“Dark Money” Democrats Spend Millions to Stop Kavanaugh Confirmation

tax reform democrats job 13

Democrats in Four States File a Misguided Lawsuit against the Tax-Reform Law

Trump NATO speech fired President court federal immigrants asylum 1

Federal Court Hands Trump a Win, Brings Rogue Agency Under Tighter Control

electric car rich wealthy

How ‘Green’ Energy Subsidies Transfer Wealth to the Rich