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Dem Filibuster of Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Today Blocked, says AMAC

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Congress Begins to Reclaim Power from the Administrative State


NBC Skips Own Poll Showing Majority Oppose Dems Blocking Gorsuch

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It’s On: GOP Appears Ready to Go ‘Nuclear’ if Democrats Mount Indefensible, Unpopular Filibuster of Gorsuch

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Gold is Growing Five Times Faster than Inflation

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Watch: Neil Gorsuch Shut Down Democratic Senator Over Sexism Allegations

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New Fundamentals Should Lift Gold’s Price in 2017

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Trump Taps ‘Superb Intellect’ Gorsuch for Supreme Court

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GOP Readies Cuts to Federal Workforce Under Trump


Silver Shines in 2016 – and May Shine Even Brighter in 2017