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Tag: Democrats

democrat flag democrats communists nation party

Democrats Allow Communists to Infiltrate Their Party Across the Nation

dnc-dossier DNC destroy evidence hack servers

Attorney General Barr’s Intel Review Should Take a Second Look at the DNC Server

Joe Biden illegals healthcare

Biden Buckles, Flips on Hyde Amendment Under Pressure From Democrats

liberal media 51

Liberal Media Suffer Cognitive Dissonance – As Untrue Narratives Collapse

progressive democrats 99

Progressive Democrats are Lost – More Each Day

swing states

Just What Is a Swing State?

illegal border crossings wall 20

Border Apprehensions Top 109,000 in April as House Democrats Move to Defund Wall, Refuse to Provide Enough Beds for Those Apprehended

Democrats vote health care DNC

House Democrats Ready Vote to Undercut Health Care Innovation

Venezuelan Socialism 57

Could Venezuelan Socialism Come to America?

incredible number 4

An Incredible Number