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Tag: Conservative

conservative plan improve healthcare 4

Here’s the Conservative Plan to Improve Health Care

free speech 60

Free Speech Matters – President Trump is Right

schumer-senate-shutdown democrat obstruction 121

Obviously, We Could Fund a Border Wall – Democrats, Be Honest

congress-budget-shutdown 2

Report on Congress – Shutdown or No shutdown?

landing-pilgrims 33

A Commune Called Plymouth: What the Pilgrims Taught Us About Socialism

Proposed Ban on Whale Watching in Washington State

veterans-day-sacrifice-patriotism 5

A Few Facts for Veterans Day 2018


Get Out and Vote; You Can Make the Difference

Capitol Building Obamacare democrats sanctuary health care senator corporate tax rate spending Samaritan congress seniors medicare part d 10

Largest Conservative Seniors’ Organization Calls on Congress to Address Challenges Facing Medicare Part D

nikki haley courage 1

Botched New York Times Hit On Nikki Haley Marks Left’s Fear Of Highly Competent Conservative Women