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House GOPers Say Pelosi Has No Plan to Bring House Back Safely as Rest of US Returns to Work

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AMAC Supports S. 2002, the Dollar-for-Dollar Deficit Deduction Act

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In Charts, How Big Blue States Outspend Red States


AMAC Action Joins 31 Organizations in Urging Congress to Reject Bill That Would Open the Door to Medicare for All


AMAC Supports H.R. 3502, the Protecting People From Surprise Medical Bills Act


Bad Bankers Are How Big Business Beats Small Business, But Congress Can Fix It

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Congress Halts Aid to Small Businesses – Stays at Home, Paid


AMAC Action Joins Healthcare Coalition to Urge Congress to Reject Price Controls

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Tell Congress to Suspend Required Minimum Distributions

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President Trump’s Decisive Action on Coronavirus: Containment, Mitigation, and Innovation