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China Chinese tech influence California 2

China Not As Great a Threat On Rare Earths as They’d Like You To Think

China 35

Trade with China in Flux, But Sky is Not Falling

joe biden 108

Joe Biden, Communist China, and Stunningly Poor Judgement

medicare for all 66

Medicare for All – An Adversary’s Dream Come True!

veterans 1

Veterans in America and China – Comparative Care and Freedom

China-trump-xi-trade-deal 1

A One-Tracking Mind: China Hunts down Uyghurs

Trump Russia hoax

The Russiagate Hoax Has Made the World a More Dangerous Place By Undermining President Trump’s Ability to Defuse North Korea, China and Russia

approval 37

Understanding Trump’s Approval Rating – Truth and Implications, No Hype

North Korea

Through a Glass Darkly – Improving Trade Relations with China?

Space-force-trump-military 9

How the Space Force Can Restore Our Edge Against China, Russia