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Suddenly Single Seniors – Life After Loss


single-seniors-suddenlyMarriage is a wonderful institute and the health benefits of happily married couples are widely accepted. From companionship to built-in caregivers, married couples who age together into their senior years find much happiness and fulfillment. But singles can find that same measure of joy.

Today’s single men and women over the age of 65 lead very fulfilling lives. Many people age into retirement years as singles, while others find themselves alone due to divorce or the death of a partner. The loss of a loved one often brings a period of depression and a time of uncertainty. The remaining spouse must take over unfamiliar tasks, such as driving, banking, cooking, or yard work. They may feel self-conscious while alone in public or around couples. Even when the loss is expected, such as after a lengthy illness, the surviving spouse may carry the additional burden of guilt for feeling relieved that their caregiving services are over. However, with the help of family, friends, and sometimes counseling, most people are ready to take on new adventures.

Seniors in their 60s, 70s, and beyond can find extreme satisfaction as they learn to enjoy life as a single person. This often occurs once they begin to embrace interaction with others or to revive an old hobby. Taking on physical challenges – such as exercising or swimming – can help people feel healthy, strong, and determined to thrive. Singles who join their friends in exercise typically find that their efforts are maximized, as studies show that people who exercise together are more apt to remain committed. Lending time to a good cause or reconnecting with family and friends are examples of ways to jump back into life after a loss. Hosting a small dinner party, barbeque, or pot luck at your place can be a relaxing way of easing back into the social scene, without the anxiety of mingling with strangers.

For people who have been long-time caregivers, quiet time alone can be healing. Reading, meditating, journaling, letter writing, gardening, or crafting are activities that may serve as a therapeutic balm to your soul. Nowadays, single travel is very popular, and strong bonds are often built by singles who meet up with other solo travelers.

Successful single seniors are those who have made a conscious decision to face rather than fear the unknown. Their wealth of experience assures them that that their contribution to others is a valuable gift, and many seniors find that their shared experiences enable them to build strong bonds with others facing similar circumstances.



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