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Socialism is Playing a Big Role in the Early Days of This Year’s Presidential Election

election presidential 2020 socialism roleProgressive Democrats seek to ‘bribe’ voters to win

WASHINGTON, DC — The socialist movement appears to be gaining momentum in the confines of the Democratic Party.  Bernie Sanders, an unabashed self-proclaimed socialist, is leading the pack of Democratic hopefuls after making wins in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.  And, while polls show that he has a tough road to hoe in the February 29th South Carolina primary, his star has been rising nationally.  The pollsters at Real Clear Politics show him ahead of the slate of Democrats in the country-wide race to see who will go against President Trump in this year’s Presidential Election.

Robert Charles, national spokesman for the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], says that he believes “the socialist movement bodes well for President Trump come November.”

Charles, who has held high-ranking positions under two presidents and spent five years as a congressional counsel, says “our capitalist president has led the nation into an era of undeniable economic progress for all Americans during his tenure.  Voters are well aware of President Trump’s economic successes.  A Rasmussen poll conducted for the New Year showed that ‘72% of American Adults think 2020 will be at a minimum a good year.’  His achievements are a fact that bodes well for his re-election as the Democratic Party continues to stand behind costly initiatives such as ‘Medicare for All’ that would bankrupt the nation and its citizens in an effort to bribe voters.”

Charles notes that socialist ideals appear to be attracting a growing population of young voters and voters seeking “more stuff from the government.”  He cites promises such as Medicare for All, guaranteed incomes, tuition-free college, free childcare and the New Green Deal.

“Consider the absurdity of a program put forth by one Democratic presidential contender, Andrew Yang.  Before he pulled out of the race last week, he was proposing that the government give each and every American over the age of 18 a so-called Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month whether they need it or not.  Meanwhile, as soon as Yang dropped out, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, quickly signaled she would support the idea.

Talk about buying votes.”

According to the AMAC spokesman, while the Freedom Dividend is an “irrational” notion that likely went too far for even the most progressive voters, it is an example of the negative impact a win in November by the likes of Bernie Sanders would have on the American economy.

“Estimates put the cost of just Medicare for All at between $20 to $30 trillion.  The combined cost of the Democrat’s freebie wish list would cost more than one and quarter trillion dollars– trillion, with a T, leaving the nation on the road to bankruptcy,” says Charles.

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