Since Obamacare Passed My Families Monthly Premiums Have Increased by 3x’s

From – AMAC Member Lynda H.

Since Obamacare was passed my families monthly premiums have increased by 3x’s, our deductibles are now double. We will never reach our yearly deductibles, $7500.00 a year, so that cost is added directly to our out of pocket costs on top of our monthly insurance premiums. To top that off our daughter had to have a tonsillectomy in December and now we are paying 3 separate care providers for the co-pay portion of that surgery. Those 3 payments are costing us $150.00 a month and will not be paid off for another 10 months.
So instead of having decent insurance we now have nothing but bills, bills, bills for our medical care. Honestly I would rather save that money every month and just pay outright for our office visits and prescriptions. Our yearly Cost without insurance would be in the neighborhood of $500.00 for doctor visits but because we have to pay so much for insurance it is major monthly expense we simply cannot afford. We don’t qualify for subsidies because my work offers insurance.
That’s another thing we can’t afford is our prescriptions. I have asthma and can no longer afford the cost of my inhaler so I don’t have one. Every single persciption we use we no longer refill.
Altogether our monthly expense for medical is now over $800.00 a month. If we did refill perceptions it would be well over $1000.000 a month. The whole ACA program costs us so much that we have to juggle which bills get paid and when. Obamacare is so expensive for us it has actually lowered our quality of life!

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