1,968 reasons to scrap ObamaCare and AARP

“Mend it, don’t end it,” was the mantra of Democrats during the affirmative action debates of the 1990’s. We are hearing similar cries on the ObamaCare front. Advocates are calling for “tweaks” of a bill that is nearly 2,700 pages long. Tweaking ObamaCare is about as plausible as tweaking a pit bull and making it a pug, or tweaking Michael Moore’s diet to make him slim.

There is a great chart by The Center for Health Transformation showcasing the 1,968 new powers delegated to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Among the most ridiculous was this: “The Secretary shall develop oral healthcare components that shall include tooth-level surveillance.”

That’s right folks the HHS is watching your daily brushing habits. And if you skip a few days, or God forbid, forget to floss, don’t expect any help from Big Sister.

“The liberals who crafted this provision are the very same people who lost their minds at the prospect of the FBI scanning incoming calls from a terrorist in Yemen,” noted Dan Weber, President and CEO of AMAC, America’s conservative alternative to AARP.” Yet they don’t seem to have a problem with government surveillance of our gums.”

Examples of the 1,968 new and expanded powers highlighted in the Center for Health Transformation’s study include:

  • The Secretary will decide how drugs are dispensed in long-term care facilities (Section 3310);
  • The Secretary will determine “fair” health insurance premiums, overruling decisions by state officials if she chooses (Section 1201)
  • The Secretary may use comparative effectiveness research to decide what care seniors can have access to (Section 6301).

Where is AARP on all of this? Why are they not crying bloody murder?

AMAC’s Dan Weber explained that AARP relentlessly pushed for passage of ObamaCare to protect their own revenue stream, and they continue to push the legislation, stooping to new lows by hauling out Andy Griffith to make their case for them.

“Mayberry didn’t have socialized medicine,” said Dan Weber of AMAC. “If you are as mad as I am, I urge you to tear up your card and join AMAC, where you’ll find competitive insurance rates and competitive member benefits. And unlike AARP, we won’t sell out our members on public policy. Or sell out our great country.”

AMAC has over 100,000 conservative members and supporters, including national radio hosts Mike Gallagher and Hugh Hewitt.

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