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3 Steps to the Best Republican Result in the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations – PLEASE READ

Submitted by AMAC Member Vincent Nardone –

1)     House Republicans Pass a Bill to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for all Americans (may just need to reemphasize a Bill that was already passed)


This will clearly reinforce that the Republicans are the party of tax cuts and force the Democrats to vote against a tax cut for everyone.

2)     House Republicans indicate that they will not block tax legislation introduced by the Democrats intended to raise taxes on the top 2%.  Arrange for a total of 191 Republicans (including all Tea Party members) to vote against the legislation introduced by the Democrats to increase taxes, with the remaining Republicans abstaining.  Indicate that no Republican support will take place because of the belief the economy will be hurt, but they are acting in the spirit of compromise.


This will clearly show that the Democrats are the Party of increased taxes.  The approach will also require that all Democrats vote for the tax increase in order for the Legislation to pass.  This will likely create dissention among the Democrats when trying to craft Legislation that can be unanimously supported.  While this position is very difficult, this is likely the only way to illustrate to the American people that tax increases will have a minimal impact on addressing our deficit problems once the proposal is scored and shown to have no significant impact on our deficits for the next several years.

3)     House Republicans tie all future increases of raising the Debt Ceiling to future spending cuts only – not the current or any proposed future tax increases.  Require that Obama come forward with the proposed spending cuts necessary to increase the debt ceiling.


This is the only way to create the political pressure necessary to force Obama to propose spending cuts.  The variable to be determined is the time frame over which the spending cuts need to take place (anywhere from the next 4 to 10 years) in order to count for increasing the debt ceiling.  Cutting the deficit in half in 4 years (as Obama promised back in 2008) and requiring a balanced budget in 8 years seem like reasonable targets.  Points for the Republicans to stress during the upcoming debate:

a)     Republicans have already compromised greatly by giving the Democrats everything they wanted with respect to tax increases.  Now that taxes have been increased, the only thing left to do to decrease the deficit is to cut spending.

b)    Be up front with the American people and indicate that the only viable approach is for Obama to propose the cuts.  Experience has shown that any Republican proposals are only met with demagoguery by Democrats.  Republicans will refrain from such behavior when reacting to proposals by Democrats.

c)     Repeat every day how much the size of Government has grown under Obama (need to verify the best numbers to use).  Goal is to get back to the size of Government when Bill Clinton was in Office.

d)    Continue to monitor the revenue projected from the tax increases versus what is actually received.  Almost surely the actual revenue will be substantially short of projections.  Show how increasing rates slows growth and thus revenues shrink.  Periodically highlight the shortfall as the basis for a new 2014 Republican tax proposal aimed at lower tax rates and simplifying the tax code that would form a key Republican platform for mid-term elections.

We need to educate the American public that the issue is excessive Government spending, not a result of the rich failing to pay their fair share.  The above approach (items c and d in particular) should be part of an orchestrated education campaign to clearly illustrate to the American people that the growing size of Government is the fundamental problem that must be addressed and to make class warfare ring hollow.  Reinforce the message through an extensive, prolonged TV advertisement campaign.

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