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Property Tax Freeze in PA

by Andrew Mangione – Thanks to the vigilant efforts of an AMAC member in Pennsylvania, AMAC leadership was alerted to a significant legislative battle taking place in the Pennsylvania State Senate that stands to impact seniors and AMAC members.

The “Senior Citizens Property Tax Freeze Act,” introduced by state Senator Robert M. Tomlinson, orders a freeze on real estate taxes for Pennsylvania citizens over the age of 65. If enacted, this bill would “freeze the amount of property tax paid by the claimant either in the tax year beginning on January 1, 2011, or in the first tax year during which the claimant first becomes eligible, whichever occurs later.” With already high property taxes on the rise, this legislation gives Pennsylvanians an opportunity to pay their property taxes at the current, lower level by simply applying for the freeze with the state’s taxing authorities. A recent poll on AMAC’s website showed that 57% of respondents favored a freeze on property taxes for homeowners who are 65+ regardless of their income, while 29% favored a freeze for just low-income homeowners who are age 65+.

Protecting seniors from the rising costs associated with owning property is a critical concern. While AMAC members in Pennsylvania take note of the events unfolding in their state legislature, we urge our members across the country to explore whether similar bills have been introduced in your states and to keep track of any legislation at the state level that stands to impact mature Americans and retirees. As an organization firmly committed to defending the interests of our members, we appreciate your continued awareness to the critical issues at the National level as well as the legislative actions taking place in your states.

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