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President Trump Issues Executive Order to Support a Safe and Secure America

Trump President executive order police AMACAMAC — the Association of Mature American Citizens and conservative alternative for seniors and emerging seniors – strongly commends and endorses the President’s initiative to immediately address national concerns over the actions of “bad apples” in law enforcement in issuing the Executive Order for Safe Policing for Safe Communities.  The President’s action is rightly intended to foster achieving the highest professional standards of conduct and service by law enforcement agencies in their communities. We also hope that Congress will work with the President on additional measures.

Under the President’s Executive Order, police departments will be encouraged to seek Justice Department grants for independent audits and credentialing of their practices and operations to meet high standards. Notably, choke holds are banned for all federal law enforcement agencies and those state and local agencies receiving these federal grants, except when an officer’s life is at risk. Moreover, police departments receiving federal funds will share information of credible, significant abuses by “bad apple” officers who attempt to move to another police department without disclosing such a history. Finally, federal funds will be available to support officers, and co-responders such as social workers, in dealing with homeless individuals and those who have mental illness and substance abuse problems.

You can read the Executive Order here.

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