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President Trump Issues Executive Order to Defend Free Speech

trumpPresident Trump is fighting back against the censorship of Americans online.

  • President Trump has issued an order to uphold free and open debate on online platforms.
  • The order calls for the start of a regulatory process to clarify the scope of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to ensure social media companies who claim to provide users a forum for free and open speech, but engage in deceptive or pretextual censorship, will not be allowed to entitled to immunity for such actions.
    • Social media companies should not receive liability protections when they act as editors of content on their platform or take down lawful speech based on politics.
  • It also instructs the Federal Trade Commission to consider prohibiting social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts or practices affecting commerce.
  • Federal agencies will review policies and procedures regarding taxpayer dollars that are going to online platforms that inappropriately restrict free speech.
  • Furthermore, the order establishes a working group to develop model legislation that States could adopt.

The idea that large, powerful social media companies have the ability to censor opinions they disagree is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic.

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