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President Trump Issued a Police Reform Order; Senate Democrats Killed a Motion to Create a Police Reform Law

President Trump police reformWASHINGTON, DC — “President Trump’s Executive Order for Safe Policing for Safe Communities goes a long way toward the goal of dealing with the ‘bad apples’ in law enforcement. It sends a message that law and order can and will be maintained in a disciplined manner that protects law abiding citizens while acknowledging the rights of suspects,” says Bob Carlstrom, president of AMAC Action, the advocacy affiliate of the 2.1 million-member Association of Mature American Citizens.

The president’s message clearly addresses the concerns of protesters demonstrating, “with vitriolic violence,” that America’s African-American communities are most at risk from wrong-doing by police, Carlstrom points out.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday Democrats blocked a Republican effort to achieve police reform legislation led by  Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the only Black GOP senator.  Scott described it as “a motion to proceed that you should vote for.  If you really want to get into police reform, we will need a vehicle with which to get there.”

As Carlstrom sees it, “Senate Democrats, at the behest of Charles Schumer [D-NY], were hell-bent on undermining a sensible bill aimed at codifying police reforms.  Apparently, they believe that delaying reform legislation can help bring out the dissident vote in November.”

He notes that it was not that long ago that the cop on the beat was greeted with a meaningful “thanks for your service,” adding that many of the same people who uttered those words are now spitting vicious epithets at the cop on the beat.

“Indeed, we must recognize that individual police officers can go rogue and they should, and must, face the consequences of the inappropriate use of force when confronting a suspects whatever the color of their skin.  But, we must also recognize the fact that the police are targets who go to work each day with a great big bull’s eye on their backs.  And, despite the danger to their own lives, we must acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of the men and women of law enforcement remain true to their calling without hesitation, without prejudice and without the intent to do harm.”

Carlstrom condemns those who would defund police forces and put onerous restrictions on them.  “Were their dreams be fulfilled we would not be facing disruptive protesters on our streets; we’d ultimately be facing armies of anarchists.  AMAC endorses President Trump’s Executive Order.  We see it as the means of allowing our dedicated police officers to get back to the job at hand: to preserve law and order, to allow us to get on with our daily lives without fear and to provide a safe  and productive environment.”

He says that perhaps the most honest reaction to the president’s order came from “left field,” from CNN commentator Van Jones who put it this way: The president “started off with a lot of unity, and then it moved off into politics, and a whole bunch of stuff that people are gonna fight about.  All that stuff is classic Trump.  It will be gone tomorrow. But what will be in place there is a new floor  – a higher floor – for Congress for now to depart from that [which] includes law enforcement support for data, for de-escalators, for better training and against chokeholds. I think progress has been made.”

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The rapidly growing 2.1-million-member AMAC Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization created to assist Association of Mature American Citizens members with grassroots participation on Capitol Hill and at the local level through its advocacy programs.

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