Obama’s Health Care Play

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Act 3 of President Obama’s “I Hear You and Couldn’t Care Less” health care play.  There’s just one little problem:  He’s not an actor, we’re not in a theatre, and your health is at stake.

Obama’s address to the nation on March 3, 2010 was replete with the usual elitism and misinformation.  Our professor—I mean, President—stood proudly in front of six medical professionals, five of whom were dressed in bright white coats to add a little extra “See, America . . . you can trust me” effect.  And then, of course, he lied.  Again.  And again.  And again.

The address bore all the authenticity of a typical Obama town hall—you know, the kind where the audience smiles, laughs, and nods at all the right times.  The President’s tone was a mix of haughty and didactic (shocking), and his facts were a little . . . ummm . . . dead wrong (even more shocking).  Despite the fact that Rasmussen reveals that a mere 25% of American voters say that the country is on the right track, President Obama is plowing right through your unhappy voices and doing what he wants.  That includes resorting to reconciliation to pass his health care bill, despite his declaration in December of 2005 that “Reconciliation is therefore the wrong place for policy changes.”  He also said this in 2007:  “We’re not going to pass health care with a 50 plus 1 strategy.”  So much for saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Make no mistake:  Obama’s health care bill is not the decentralized, patient-centered, market-driven approach that most Americans have been hoping for.  It represents big government at its best.  If it passes, the winners will be government bureaucrats.  The losers will be you and me.  Our choices will be limited and our liberties will be compromised.  Medicare benefits will be slashed significantly.  Government—the same government that has tanked our educational system and turns a simple stop at the post office into your worst Saturday nightmare—will exert unprecedented influence over one-sixth of our economy . . . and over the health of you and your family.

Fox News is reporting that the National Republican Congressional Committee has begun a “multi-front communications effort” to apply pressure to key Democrats.  Expect town hall meetings and tea party rallies to pop up as freedom-loving Americans prepare to fight for their liberty.

In 1961, Ronald Reagan said this:  “One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine.  It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project.  Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.”  Reagan also reminds us that James Madison once affirmed this:  “Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.”  Enter the Obama bill.

Obama’s bill is not about controlling costs.  And it’s not about caring for the needy.  It’s about changing the fundamentals of our country and tightening government’s grip over your everyday life.

Our President isn’t tone-deaf.  He hears you loud and clear.  And he couldn’t care less.

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