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This Is Not a Time for Veterans to Remain Indifferent to National Events

old-veteran-saluteBy – Paul S. Gardiner

As a retired Army man and Vietnam veteran, I am truly upset and frustrated over what I see happening to my country.  The lawlessness, corruption, and abuse of power demonstrated by so many of our nationally elected (and non-elected) officials boggles my mind.  I believe there are thousands of my fellow veterans who feel the same way.  The question is do we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing but complain or do we decide to take some kind of meaningful action to correct things in our nation?  One important action we can take is described below.

Regardless of who is elected President in November or which political party controls Congress, there are several major problems that the political “elites” or career politicians in Washington, DC, are incapable of solving.  This all relates to the fact that today’s federal government is far too large and powerful, even extending its jurisdiction into public restrooms these days!  I believe  the trajectory of our nation is most definitely headed in the wrong direction, and if it is not soon changed, many of the most basic freedoms guaranteed to Americans in our Constitution will be greatly diminished or even eventually lost.  We veterans must not let this happen—we need to continue honoring our oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

So, what can we veterans do to change things for the better in our nation?  At a minimum, we can become educated about a nationwide effort to restore the balance of power, as originally intended in our Constitution, between the federal government and the state governments.  This effort, called Convention of States Project, seeks to avoid what Abraham Lincoln once warned against: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” 

Briefly, the Convention of States Project seeks for 2/3 of the state governments (34 legislatures) to convene a convention of states (authorized in Article V of the Constitution) for the limited purpose of proposing Constitutional amendments that will 1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government; 2) limit the power/jurisdiction of the federal government; and 3) limit the terms of office for its officials, including members of the federal judiciary.  Proposed amendments would have to be eventually ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures to become part of the Constitution and law of the land.  As of August 2016, eight state legislatures have passed resolutions calling for a convention of states for the above limited purpose.

I encourage all my fellow veterans to take that first step and become educated about the Convention of States Project and what it endeavors to accomplish.  Information is available at, and presentations to veterans groups can be arranged by sending an e-mail request to or calling 703-863-0664.  Take time to learn the facts about this very important effort to change things for the better in America.

Paul S. Gardiner, LTC (ret), USAR
National Veterans Coalitions Director
Convention of States Project (


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When the Veteran that gave him the medal was interviewed he said Mr. Trump asked him back stage do you want me to give this back to you on stage or do you really want me to have it. He said I really wanted him to accept it and remember all those that have died or been injured in battle. As a Veteran myself I think that was a very cool thing to do.


As a recent retired U.S. Army & National Guard soldier, it has been a disgrace serving under this administration and the many Secretary’s of Defense since Obama became our dictator of the United States in 2009. I understand what the LTC is describing in his article and he is prosposing is more talk, kick the can down the road, and hopefully everyone involved will agree this is the answer to fixing the problems. I don’t think so. Our political system is so ingrained with corruption, lawless leaders, programs that we cannot afford etc, the citizens throw their hands up in desparation for anything that may work and solve these problems at any cost. In our distant past, the original National Guard militias had to protect their states from the federal government. Of course, the federal troops will have to decide what is right or wrong and should we stand with… Read more »


Trump is not a polished speaker as is our present “Commander in Chief”.
He was surprised & as usual spoke obviously off the cuff – Trump-speak!!
(I’m getting used to it!) He is an honest man, a fighter & the serviceman
realizing our country he fought for is now at the brink. He feels Trump may
be last best hope!!! TRUMP -PENCE. 2016

Jim Haney

I also am a retiree, Vietnam Vet, Disabled Vet serving nearly 28 years in the Air Force prior to retirement. I am extremely concerned on the direction this country is taking. I am 72 years old and will not have to put up with the BS much longer, but I am extremely worried about the mess we are leaving for my grandson. His grandchildren will still be trying to dig the U.S. out of the debt that has been passed on to them. The Obama administration promised transparency but, instead have pulled an impervious shroud over there actions. I blame Obama, but more importantly, I blame our do nothing Congress for the mess that has been created. We need to make every effort to elect individuals that have some backbone and will take action to correct this mess.

Craig Schiro

This is our last hope at a peaceful action to defend the constitution. Missing from the amendments discussion is the character and integrity of elected officials and those in the bureaucracy. They must be held to a code of ethics that betrayal of the public tr betrayal of the public trust is severely punished!


This former Army NCO says that Barack Obama is an enemy to the Constitution. All of us who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution need to recognize that the scumbag Obama, and the lying criminal Hillary Clinton, are traitors and our enemies. Are we going to uphold our oath?


Join and support the AMERICAN LEGION, VFW, AMVETS, DAV, VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA, and any that I may have missed, who lobby congress constantly, for veterans and for constitutional government. The Congress and Senate listen to big blocks of voters, and we are with strength of numbers. Your membership means a lot. We don’t need a C o S. We need to follow the Constitution we have that has worked so well for 240 years.


Sadly, this country is far too gone to do anything about the trash in our government. We are far too split along liberal vs. conservative lines and there is way too much money and power in DC. We have allowed the foxes to run, and guard, the chicken coop, so to speak. Bribery is illegal, except in Washington and state capitols. They simply call it lobbying. If you notice, neither party ever speaks about specific fixes for anything. They appeal to the emotional part of the voter’s minds, not the intellectual and common sense part. Both parties and candidates simply yell and howl at the other side, stirring up the basic animal instincts of the voters. Why can’t these college educated people have a decent, smart, and solution-oriented discussion? Because Americans vote with their hearts, not their brains. Nice thought, but bad for the society we live in.


Why would you even think veterans are indifferent to national events? Their is a certain percent of any group that will not get involved in anything. I think most people don’t vote because they don’t want to be selected for jury duty.


Perhaps this will clarify the issue for those of you who are clamoring for a so-called Article V Convention of States. Stop seeking “magic fixes” for the failure of the American people to do their role in protecting the Constitution and our representative republic. No republic can survive and thrive without an actively engaged, motivated and educated public willing to defend the core principles that the nation was founded on and holding their so-called representatives to account. By Publius Huldah September 21, 2013 What Mark Levin says in “The Liberty Amendments” in support of an Article V convention is not true.[1] On one side of this controversy are those who want to restore our Constitution by requiring federal and State officials to obey the Constitution we have; or by electing ones who will. We show that the Oath of Office at Art. VI, last clause, requires federal[2] and state… Read more »

Ivan Berry

Oh crap. If those of you who thought we who debated the COS a year or two ago had shut down AMAC’s advocacy, guess again. They’re back. Maybe AMAC thought we had gone into that dark eternal sleep from which there is no return, but like a bad penny, it’s here again. And so are we. Let’s depend on RINOs and Neo Cons, Geo. Soros Wolfpac, Progressives and Democrats and Comunists, as well as States’ Establishment politicians to fix something that isn’t broken by finally and at last breaking it. The 17th Amendment and the 16th as well were ratified by the States. What makes you think our leaders are any smarter than those of the 30’s? Have politicians become majically more honest? Is the U.S. any better led than in the past, and if not, why not? Could it be that they have gotten smarter in milking the system… Read more »


The “establishment”–of whichever party–is not going return us to a constitutional republic. LTC Gardiner is right in advocating for a Convention of States. Such a convention is a grass roots effort, as was/is the Tea Party. And it is consistent with the way government should work–by, for, and of, “We the people.” I encourage you to go to the website provided above and get behind this effort begun by concerned citizens like ourselves. This constitutional project is designed to work through our state governments and culminate in action envisioned and instituted by our Founders to restrain an out-of-control federal government, one that has long ago forgotten that it works for us.

A Senior Retired Veteran

Interesting you tag the military veteran market but yet your senior staff has no a single veteran!

Uncle Ben,

84, Marine, 3 steps to the right of Genghis Khan
I don’t agree with COS. Leftwingnuts are much better at trench warfare than rino’s. socialists will turn it to
their advantage and we will loose what little is left. Look at how communists, Nazis and facists gained
control of Russia, Germany and Italy. It seems more and more that Lexington and Concord is all that is
left. Our own govt regard veterans as a bigger threat than islam and doesn’t want us to have any guns.

Fredrick Yerrick

I am a 20 Army Vietnam Veteran who has decided to Stand up, Show up , and Speak up for my Country, our Constitution and Freedom with the Convention of States Project Article V Grass Roots movement. All please join my at;
AMAC Delegate CA 52nd Congressional District
Heritage Sentinel

Fall In!

Robert Augeri

It is the idiots in Washington who put our country at risk, mainly Obama the axis of evil. He raised a our National Debt like no other president has done, has given four million dollars to Iran and gave them a agreement that should have never been. He goes around kissing and bowing like a Muslim that he is. Oh I forgot it is the stupid electorate that wanted change, to change the greatest country in the world and most other counties looked for our leadership. If Hillary Clinton gets into office our National Debt will raise before the bubble breaks and she wants to raise taxes on the Middle class. The Clintons should be archived for the biggest liars since we became the USA. Look at the corruption and her track recorded, got four Americans killed and still can not take responsibility for it. With her it is scandal… Read more »

Irv C

I agree with you entirely! The democrats and this Obama character even IGNORE the Constitution and Congress allows it to keep happening. Totally makes me sick! What makes America so great is our Constitution. I beleive if the monsters Hillery should win.( would be fixed and not by vote) I honestly wouldn’t doubt a revolution. That’s how America started so why couldn’t it happen to save our values. I don’t want to live under communism or socialism and if I catch a transgender looking at one of my grandkids in a bathroom, I’ll end up doing life in prison! And would give more bodies if I had them but I’ve only one. As Nathan Hale said: I regret I have but one life to give for my Country. Then the hung him. American Revolution.


Excellent article! Why are you appealing only to veterans? You need the entire population behind you to make this work.

Bill McDowell

Volunteer and get more information at

Concord Green

I wish I could agree that the Constitution has worked well since 1787. It clearly hasn’t. When the Convention of States project succeeds, it will enable the review of solutions to the problems experienced since then. I certainly hope that changes can and will be made for the good, and I know that mistakes by intent and miscalibration are possible, even likely. Nevertheless failing to try is no longer acceptable.