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New York Democrats Ignore Children of Deceased Combat Vets

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New York Assembly Democrats are a piece of work – out-of-sync with average Americans, a frightening example of what the Democratic Party could become nationally if common sense, moral order and love of country are not valued, vindicated, and restored.  

After celebrating a kill-at-birth (late-term abortion) bill earlier this year (similarly advocated by Virginia’s embattled Democratic Governor, who literally suggested the born child be kept “comfortable” until terminated), the New York Assembly has just gone one better.  They have chosen illegal alien schooling over schooling for dependents of deceased and disabled US military veterans.

Specifically, as reported, New York Democrats “blocked a bill that proposed expanding college tuition aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans after – having a week earlier approved a state budget that set aside $27 million in college tuition aid for illegal immigrants.” 

Put aside the general sense of injustice, inappropriateness and wrong-headedness of choosing to finance illegal immigrants over the basic and enduring educational needs of American citizen children.  Put aside the general lack of appreciation for those who make possible the freedom, life and safety of those Democratic Assembly’s members.

Put aside the fact that New York Democrats gave $27 million in citizen-taxpayer’s money to the illegals, offering just $2.7 million to children of deceased veterans – who no longer have a parent because that parent, an American citizen, died for those unfeeling, morally indifferent, utterly unappreciative Assembly members. 

Put aside that these particular veterans were all combat veterans, men and women who stood up, trained and deployed to protect the personal freedom and democratic way of life lived, enjoyed and made much of by these New York Assembly Democrats.

The indulgence of illegality (promotion and underwriting of illegal immigration) for political gain is hard enough to bear, especially set beside the idea that children of those who died for these Assembly members do not count as much as children who stole into the country, and whose parents did nothing to protect the rest of us.

The most profound irony is embodied in a New York-centric question:  Why did these veterans end up in combat, in the first place?  Why do these children of combat veterans have no parent or parents?  Answer:  Due to events that began on 9-11 – where was the largest loss of life occurred in New York.

What is wrong with these New York Assembly Democrats?  They are left of leftist parties in other countries, apparently – ready to sell out their living protectors and defenders, combat veterans now at rest in graves from Arlington to Albany, and the defenseless children of those combat veterans – who gave all for them. 

The level of self-indulgence, absence of personal and national awareness, lack of moral appreciation for those who gave all, and self-satisfied saturation in their own position, amorality and abuse of power is breathtaking.  One can only hope that many of these anti-veteran, anti-children, and objectively anti-appreciative holders of public office, power and money will soon be turned out.

But then again, who should be surprised?  If these misguided, morally bereft legislators are content to legalize killing fully-formed children as they approach the birth canal, seeing nothing wrong with this act; if they celebrate such moral abominations as good policy, smiling and toasting that accomplishment; who should be surprised when they turn their backs on children of veterans – even combat veterans who rose to defend them after 9-11, and now have no parent as a result? 

If this is the direction of the National Democratic Party, may they swiftly go the way of those erstwhile Whigs, Know-Nothings, and the Communist Party, as they are wildly out-of-sync with American common sense, moral values and love of country. 

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