We The People


By – Bob Evans

Once upon a Tuesday morning, while I sat there gently yawning,
Suddenly and with no warning, terror from the skies was borne
Nothing could prepare us for the horror that would scare us
That would strip our shields to bare us to the world we had ignored
Like children growing up, our innocence remained no more,
It was lost for evermore.

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was only mid-September
Schools began and summer tempered, everything was as before
All was as it should be with no notion how it would be
And though it had withstood thee, when thou tried to break it once before
Now I wish it could be, should be as it as it was before
Always there for evermore

Up above past birds that fly, toward the sun way up high,
Like two Titans in the sky, two Greek gods from days of yore
Standing there so stark but strong, monuments to days of song
Nothing ever would go wrong, until that fateful morn
Standing tall they looked down, down upon our crowded shore,
Looking down evermore

The morning sky was flashing, shattered glass and rocks were smashing,
And suddenly there came a crashing, down upon the asphalt floor
All about was flying plaster, smashed by planes flying faster
I’d never seen such disaster, as great as this before,
All the world had never seen the likes of this before
And hopefully would never more

The air, it was so musty, as I walked the streets so dusty,
Down avenues I once had known I recognized no more
Thick black smoke filled the air, grimy face and matted hair,
Past people running here and there, with no purpose anymore
Chaos ruled the scene where order was before
It was this and so much more

Up high we’ll raise our heads, say our prayers beside our beds,
Sing a chorus to the dead, those alive the day before
Some were fathers, some were brothers,
Some were sisters, some were mothers,
Some were children, some were lovers, who will breathe the air no more
Each life a light within our hearts, whose light will light no more
They’re lights have dimmed for evermore

There are many who are gone, from this carnage that was done,
Without bomb and without gun, yet crumpled to the floor
And to the many souls, whose legends will be told,
Whose lives we dearly hold within our hearts, within our core
You will not be forgotten like some forgotten lore,
You’re in our hearts for evermore

There were many heroes at the place they coined ground zero
And many more still fear that it will happen once more
From whence will they strike, in the day or dark of night?
Is there something we can do to keep the horror from our door?
Can we ever halt the evil forces at our door?
I wonder this and so much more

Who would cultivate such evil, was it man or was it devil?
Who would conspire to make level, what was so grand before?
Who would so completely hate us, so determined to deflate us?
Would forever stalk and bait us, with jihad, a holy war?
Who would want to lead us to the brink of war?
Bring on this Holy War!

I cannot sense the reason, or comprehend such treason,
How some social wart or lesion could descend upon our shore
To plot and to conspire, with such rage and such desire
What devils have they hired to hurt us to the core?
To what hell have they descended to wound us to the core?
To this I say, Nevermore!

Before we were sleeping, today finds us weeping
Tears slowly seeping though the cracks upon the floor
But this shan’t last, this sorrow, for soon will come tomorrow
And we won’t beg or borrow ‘ere order be restored
We’ll make those devils rue this day they dared to rock our shore
They will be forever Nevermore!


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