More Trouble for Hillary

hillary clintonAs Joe Biden considers a presidential run, more bad news for Hillary emerges. The Hill reports:

Over half of Americans think Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lacks honesty and trustworthiness, a new poll says.

The Quinnipiac sampling released on Thursday found that 61 percent of all voters believe Clinton has neither of those attributes.

That score is her lowest on honesty and trustworthiness since the polling agency began tracking her campaign in April.

It added that just 34 percent of all voters see the former secretary of State as honest and trustworthy.

Although the poll still finds her leading all GOP candidates, including current front-runner Donald Trump, the numbers are very tight. She leads Trump 45 to 41 percent, Jeb Bush 42 to 40, and Marco Rubio 44 to 43.

It appears that people still value honesty and trustworthiness in presidential candidates and that Hillary is having a hard time recovering from her email scandal, particularly because new information that exposes a greater lack of transparency keeps emerging.

Questions to ponder…

Can Hillary recover from this or has too much political damage been done?

Will GOP candidates begin to surpass her in polling? In light of all the negative press with respect to her emails, why haven’t they begun to surpass her already?

Will Joe Biden jump in the race? How do you think he’ll poll beside her and beside leading GOP candidates? (The recent Quinnipiac also finds Biden beating all three top GOP presidential candidates.)

Who has the best shot to beat Hillary or Biden? Does a different GOP candidate match up best against Hillary than Biden?

It’s still really early, but some patterns have already been quite consistent. Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and analyst on Fox News and Fox Business. For more information on Jedediah, please visit http://jedediahbila.com/.

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