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Modern Hearing Aids For a Modern World

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Hearing aids now come in all shapes and forms. The features and technology they now possess is quite incredible but also quite high level at first glance. So what features do you really need and how much of a difference could this new technology make to your life? Read further to learn more about some of the most popular devices for 2019 and how they could improve your quality of life.

The most striking device is the Silk Nx from Signia (pictured below). This device is virtually invisible, comfortable and one of the latest devices on the market. This device is approximately the size of your finger tip and weighs approximately the same as a dime. What is even more impressive is the level of technology the German engineers over at Signia (formely Siemens) have managed to fit into this tiny device. Apart from the size and weight, one of the most recognized features of this device is its direct speech clarity feature. Through microscopic microphones and sensors, the device can automatically raise and lower noises, essentially it knows which noises you should be hearing and which noises you shouldn’t. This really allows you to enjoy direct and group conversations and environments once again.

Another popular device this year is the Marvel from Phonak (nothing to do with the movie). This hearing aid does not fit inside your ear canal like the Silk Nx however it is still very small and barely noticeable when sitting behind your ear. This hearing aid has pretty much nearly every available piece of technology inside it. Autosense 3.0 for example delivers exceptional sound quality and better speech understanding. Another useful feature is its Bluetooth connectivity allowing for wireless streaming and hands-free phone conversations through its built-in microphones, plus rechargeability and also an app which allows you to fine tune the volume or environment settings.

You guessed it, A.I (Artificial Intelligence) has made its way to the hearing aid industry. The Livio AI from Starkey is the first ever hearing aid to use A.I. – how and why is this possible you may ask? If you suffer from hearing loss, you will most likely suffer from balance issues, this hearing aid can be linked to an app on your smartphone to track your body and brain activities, sending alerts if or when you fall. This device also offers Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology through the Thrive app. Whilst the name of this technology is fairly long, it essentially brings relief to those who suffer from Tinnitus/ ringing in the ears – an excellent and priceless feature to many Tinnitus sufferers.

Lastly the Styletto Nx from Signia is a slim and stylish hearing aid packed full of technology. Available in different colors, the Styletto is designed to break the preconceived opinion that behind the ear hearing aids are big and ugly. With features such as Bluetooth, rechargeability and a design making it virtually invisible behind the ear, this device is super stylish and extremely comfortable to wear! Take a look at the charging case pictured below, one could easily be mistaken that these devices are a sleek pair of wireless headphones!

Are you or a loved one experiencing hearing loss and would like to improve your quality of life? Find out how the right hearing aid can improve your quality of life today.

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