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‘Medicare for All’ is the New Progressive Rallying Cry More Than 18 Months Ahead of the Next Presidential Election: ‘Damn the Cost’

Medicare for all progressive presidential electionWASHINGTON, DC – “If you thought Obamacare was hazardous to your health and your pocketbook, think again. 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are full of ideas on how to give the government even more control over your medical needs and their rallying cry seems to be ‘damn the cost; full speed ahead’,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

The threat of ‘Medicare for All’ becoming a reality, should Democrats win big in 2020, has rattled the stock markets in recent weeks.  This, despite the fact that the presidential election is more than a year and half away.

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, took the lead in making universal healthcare an issue for the next presidential election.  But, it didn’t take long before his rivals for the Democratic nomination took up the cause.  A growing field of hopefuls, including, Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Kamala Harris of California have jumped aboard the single-payer bandwagon.

“Kamala Harris, in fact, says she’s in favor of putting private healthcare insurers out of business altogether,” Weber points out.

It may not be likely that universal healthcare becomes a reality in the foreseeable future but, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation [KFF] survey, the notion is not as unpopular as many might think.  The poll “found broad support for proposals that expand the role of public programs like Medicare and Medicaid,” according to KFF.

Weber notes that the poll showed respondents identifying themselves as Democrats were far more likely to favor government intervention in America’s healthcare system.

The AMAC chief says, “despite the reality that Medicare is not self-supporting and is headed for insolvency in 7 years, progressives list it high up on their wish lists.  But, none of them, including the leader of the pack, Bernie Sanders, have yet to provide a realistic answer to the questions: how and who will pay for a Medicare for All scheme.  It is estimated that the cost would be prohibitive; somewhere north of $32 trillion over ten years.  But Sanders has yet to explain the financing aspects of the proposal.  Lacking a credible fiscal rationale for nearly doubling the federal budget to pay for his plan, Sanders says what we need is ‘a vigorous debate as to the best way to finance our Medicare for All legislation’.”

Weber is also concerned that a switch to government run care will slow down the progress the medical community has made in the treatment of the most threatening illnesses.  “We’re living longer and healthier than ever but it will take development of new, more effective ways of treating patients if we are to fully reap the benefits of medical research in the future. “


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [], with 1.7 million members, is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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Single-Payer (what the “Progressives” (Socialists) call Medicare for All) is designed to completely replace both Medicare and Medicaid programs currently in existence. This has been well documented in Sanders’ own campaign proposals for years now. It has also been the ultimate endgame of Democrats for decades. Obamacare merely being the opening salvo that was designed to fail in order for the Democrats to be able to propose their ultimate solution of Single-Payer. Both Medicare and Medicaid programs would be completely shut down. Their existing funds transferred to help partially fund the new, so-called Medicare for All program. Along with a series of existing, across the board taxes raised or new taxes created to attempt to pay for the wildly expensive socialist endeavor. Whatever you are currently used to receiving in the form of medical care under existing Medicare for Medicaid will be changed to reflect whatever services are provided under… Read more »

Steven B Phillips

“Sanders says what we need is ‘a vigorous debate as to the best way to finance our Medicare for All legislation’.” Yea, kind of like the vigorous debate we had when Obamacare was rammed down our throat.

Mr Deane

If they are so hell bent on leather to pass this make sure ever member of congresses health plan is included in this

The Freezing Senior

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
If you like your medical plan, you can keep your medical plan.
Just ask any Canadian/European how they like their “Socialist” medical plan.
#TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


I just can’t understand why the choice between Love of Government and Love of People doesn’t fall squarely in the People’s camp. For today’s liberal politicians like Sanders, Harris, et al, the end they’re aiming for justifies any means whatsoever to get there. Does bankrupting this country and turning all of us into mindless but obedient automatons sound good to you?! I’m healthy, thank goodness, but the hoops I’ve had to jump through to get two simple generic medications—since I became eligible for Medicare—is frustrating beyond belief. Example: the mail-delivered refill I called for last week now requires a trip to the doctor’s office. I’ve been on the same medication, same dose, for years…and now I have to make an appointment? Of course, I will run out of pills before the next delivery…so I’ll have to get approval from the doctor to pick up a month’s worth from a local… Read more »

jim Scofield

Adolf Hitler did this exact same thing in Germany after taking control it led to the execution of
the Mentally challenged and physically disabled because they did not fit His idea of the Master Race.
And since the Socialist Democrats are pushing this scheme makes You wonder what they have planned
They already want abortions up to and after birth Will they follow Hitlers ways and exterminate the
Mentally challenged or physically challenged or People with Downs Syndrome. And what will be the
date at which a person will no longer be allowed medical care because they are Too Old.


Like so many liberal proposals such as the green new deal these are FOOLS’ GOLD.. they’re not reading between the lines and don’t feel the crisis from a medical professional’s point of view. Medical professionals today feel like hostages of the public because of the ultra liberal regulations about delivery of services to the public which local Department of Health is mandating. I think some may even feel like public servants or even that there is an attempt to make them Slaves of the patients.. Save the Planet? How so when our very homes are being threatened by migrants..??? Their priorities are dangerously skewed and irrational as if speaking ex-cathedra from another World – an ideal World.. We’re not quite there yet.. They need to see the implications of what they’re preaching and need to be told “first things first”… to often looking a finished products when in reality they’re… Read more »


This abolishes private insurance. You will have no say so in who treats you or if you even get treatment. If it’s so great, why do so many Canadians come into the US to get medical treatment! It’s a sucker deal.

Keith H

Just around the corner from 65 and this Stupid Squaw Baby Killer wants to give my medicare to everybody !! Dumb Skank liberal progressive commie lover from the Dumocrat Party. They have already destroyed the greatest healthcare on the planet with their ObamieCare.


Do you even realize how involved the federal government is/has been involved in health care since the early 90’s? How many of you see a PA instead of your doctor? Surprise. Can you even find a doctor in private practice anymore? Wake up!!!!!


Obamacare cost me $8000. Had to dip into retirement to pay it. Thank God I am out of it. Do I really trust the government to do healthcare??


Congress can’t even balance the nation’s budget as it is so how do they think they can pile on health care for everyone! I realize there are many people who have a hard time affording health care but I also know a lot of them “can’t afford” health care because they choose to spend their money for other things that are not life and death necessary, such as expensive cell phones and cell phone plans, vacations, alcohol, cigarettes, eating out, etc. I know, everyone has a right to those things. I grew up poor. I had a right to them also, I just couldn’t afford them so I didn’t have them. Instead of whining about it I figured out how to work hard, get an education, earn money and buy what I wanted. Today I’m not filthy rich but I live in a nice house that’s paid for, have money… Read more »


These people are insane…..there is NO Constitutional authority for the gummint to be running ANY healthcare, welfare, social justice or welfare programs…..IF the gummint was tossed out of all these areas, we wouldn’t have nearly the national debt we currently have. The feds are supposed to PROVIDE for the common defense….they are to only PROMOTE the common welfare….Perhaps there should be a Comprehension test for anybody wanting to be elected to a federal office prior to them being able to run…Because it would seem almost ALL dims, and several repubs don’t know squat about the Constitution….(and that goes for federal judges as well!!!!)

Stan d. Upnow

How to finance Medicare For All and the other insanity the Progressive-Socialists want? Well, that’s easy!
They will just tax the working citizens at 200%.

“Wait,” you say, “how’s that even possible?”

They take 100% of your income PLUS 100% of your possessions. There.
Welcome to Socialist utopia.

Mr Deane

It wass et up in 1966 medicade and medicare, medicare is for seniors who paid into it while they were working and medicade
is for the people below the poverty level , and they get this already.lets keep it that way.


10 reasons why ‘BernieCare’ will NEVER work….. 1. If all constraint to medical services is removed with no deductibles or copays, the medical services delivery system will be over-run, as would any ‘free’ system 2. With such demand, wait times will get very long for even the simplest procedures. Simple primary care appointments will likely be weeks or even months out 3. Emergency rooms will be perpetually overflowing 4. Medical personnel: Drs, nurses, techs, therapists…will be massively over-worked and pay reduced. Fewer will enter the field leading to reduced quality and shortages 5. Medical inflation due to such overwhelming demand, will consistently be high single or low double-digit for several years, thus 6. This program will become insanely expensive 7. Fraud and waste will rival many country’s GDPs. Abuse of the system through bribery, theft and cheating will become a national past time 8. The wealthy, including Congress persons, will… Read more »


I believe that only the people that paid into the system (ie worked) should receive MEDICARE, I also think that MEDICAID should be Dissolved, Medicaid was designed to help people that REALLY REALLY needed it now it is being abused and the freeloaders and ENTITLEMENTs think they should get it when they haven’t even contributed.
You have to earn your way people, this country can not take care of everyone any more.


Does government run health care work? Take a look at the VA. The VA is the perfect example of how
government can turn health care into an expense mess that serves only the people it employs. The veterans
who this systems serves get second rate care (for the most part) yet the taxpayer pays for first tier service.
Tampa VA’s James Battle is a perfect example of an incompetent, drawing an inflated salary and bonuses.
This clown should be the poster boy for why government run health care WILL NOT WORK !!!!

Dan B

So I assume that means that also all agree that Obamacarewas a failure!!

Keith Borgh

The libs will do or say anything to get elected to public office, we have to stop them. They will ruin this great country, their crazy