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Medicare for All – An Adversary’s Dream Come True!

medicare for all

Imagine that Russia – or China – wanted to hit Americans where it would hurt.  What would they do?  How could they most efficiently undermine America’s ability to stay strong?  The best way would be to undermine us physically.  That would also be fastest.  But how?

One way would be to promote drug abuse, running over young Americans by promoting addiction.  Put aside money-makers behind marijuana legalization, note China is where fentanyl comes from – along with many precursor chemicals used in deadly synthetics and methamphetamine.  Note the Soviet Union’s erstwhile leader, Nikita Khrushchev, advocated promoting illegal drugs in America.

But think bigger.  How could an adversary who wished us ill, turn our nation upside down in a hurry – making us literally ill?  The obvious answer is to destroy America’s healthcare system, diminishing the ability to stay well – and bringing down 20 percent of the US economy.

How best to do that?  Attack hospitals?  Medical schools?  Reservoirs?  Food supply?  No, none of those would be effective for long.  None would affect more than a smattering of Americans. 

They would have to undermine the entire system.  They would have to destroy the incentive behind medical schools attracting top students and creating top doctors, destroy the free-market forces that encourage pharmaceutical companies to produce state-of-the-art medicine, and shut hospitals down.  They would have to demoralize those who make, administer and use America’s life-saving health care. 

How could anyone do that?  How could an adversary throw our cutting-edge medical system into disarray, destroying the economic power and physical advantages which attend it? 

The answer is simple:  Destroy the incentive mix that encourages life-saving medical care.  Reduce diagnosis and treatment options, destroy the quality, proven effectiveness, incentive to innovate, inspire, conduct path-breaking medical research and create quality medical professionals. 

And how?  By destroying return on investment that comes from being a doctor, medical researcher, practitioner and quality medical institution, bankrupting the hospitals, labs and learning centers; undermining pharmaceutical companies, providers and investors; blocking free market forces that fuel our state-of-the-art medical industry.  This, in turn, would weaken American confidence in their own healthcare system, undermining options, quality, economy and health. 

In short, push “Medicare for all,” so American voters fall for socialist nirvana, and call it a day.  This is so much cheaper and more effective than mass hacking, cyberwarfare, conventional or nuclear war.  The Americans will never know what hit them, between promoting drug abuse and destroying their health care. 

If you think this is just Tom Clancy stuff, maybe a post-Mueller conspiracy, you may be right – but only barely.  Here are sobering facts.  As reported in a recent New York Times article, fittingly entitled “Hospitals Stand to Lose Billions Under ‘Medicare for All’,” we are gambling – even now.  Any presidential candidate who supports “Medicare for All” is nuts – or perhaps “colluding.”

All jesting aside, the facts are clear.  By way of example, a knee replacement typically costs about $37,000 if privately insured, and patient, insurer, hospital and manufacturer end happy.  Under Medicare, that same surgery gives a hospital $17,000, less than half the real cost.  Likewise, gallbladder removal is about $8,000 if privately insured, but a hospital gets $4,200 under Medicare – about half. 

So, what gives?  The answer is – everything.  If Medicare is expanded to “all,” America’s hospitals, private insurers, manufacturers and patients would all be losers – and immediately.  Quality care and options contract as patients get fewer choices, hospitals fail and go under, manufacturers stop researching, investing and just go cheap. 

Private insurers would diminish, then vanish.  Medical schools would discover that – without a payday, entrants are less inspired, qualified and incentivized.  The system would shudder, crack and begin to fail.

Our adversaries would, of course, celebrate – until they needed American medicine, which many of them oddly do.  If you doubt this prognosis, consult even the New York Times.  In that recent article, they admit “the yawning gap between payments to hospitals by Medicare and by private health insurers for the same medical services may prove the biggest obstacle for advocates of ‘Medicare for all’, a government-run system.”  No kidding? 

To the point: “If Medicare for all abolished private insurance and reduced rates to Medicare levels — at least 40 percent lower … there would most likely be significant changes throughout the health care industry, which makes up 18 percent of the nation’s economy and is one of the nation’s largest employers.”

What kind of changes?  “Some hospitals, especially struggling rural centers, would close virtually overnight, according to policy experts.”  What else? “Others, they say, would try to offset the steep cuts by laying off hundreds of thousands of workers and abandoning lower-paying services like mental health.” 

Anything more? “The prospect of such violent upheaval for existing institutions has begun to stiffen opposition to Medicare for all proposals and to rattle health care stocks,” since the endgame is terminal – which sounds bad.

Bottom line:  Lovely “Medicare for All,” in parlance of old America, is a crock.  The idea would make our adversaries happy, and most Americans unhappy, unwell, and undeniably disappointed.  The idea is a non-starter. 

If even the New York Times had begun to cast rocks at this glass house of socialized medicine – “Medicare for All” and “Quality for None” – you know the thing is doomed.  A candidate that embraces it should face a similar fate.  But don’t count this idea dead yet – Russia, China and Democrats are mulling it.   Just be ready.

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Frank S.

As I’ve stated in previous comments, the enemy is here and they are “us”! The mantra for too many Americans today is to ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you. “Free” this, “free” that (I was taught from a young age that there ain’t nothin’ free). How is the “progressive” left allowed to even entertain their non-sensical ideas, let alone gain traction with so many voters? Answer: because of total lack of understanding of things work and because they are exercising ZERO critical thought. To even think about these newest “give-away programs” is insane, considering a $22,200,000,000,000+ national debt and growing! How to help fix health care in America? Get the government OUT of it…THEY are the problem, not the solution! We need to go in the opposite direction–more free-market competition…make the hospitals and doctors fight for our business. History… Read more »


I for one, Do Not want the Government in charge of my Health Care!!!


Here’s a thought, even Prez. Obama, senators and representatives didn’t have to take the great Obamacare!! They exempted themselves from the inadequacies and high cost of the plan, as they were telling us that it was the best thing ever developed in healthcare!! Hmmmm makes you think right? It should!!
This Medicare farce is another inadequate ruse they’re using to get your vote!! Wake up America, before it’s too late!!

Greg Grysko

Let’s talk Bernie …30+ years in the Senate…
390+ Bills backed,…..3 become “laws”….What a
record! This is who you want to lead us? Get real !!!!

Andrea Marcum

No to Medicare for all.


Hmmm! If all Americans were to get “Medicare” for all they will find that it isn’t FREE. I am getting ready to retire and am in the process of applying for medicare. Just the basic plan will cost me $135.00 per month and I will have to pay 20%of all my medical costs. That’s really expensive if you need any kind of surgery. So, you have to shop and go to countless seminars to figure out which supplement is most affordable and best for you. Those supplements are not free they are 300-400 per month to help with the extra costs. SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!! Then what will the “I want everything for free people” do? When they realize they’ve been lied to, yet again, by a politician trying to get elected. Suck it up, get a job, and buy what you… Read more »

Raymond Heinsman

I agree with Mr. Russell….The Gov’mnt should NOT be our policy holder!


Ever Notice; The ones that contribute the least, demand the most. Example Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY)
He ate himself to morbid obesity on the taxpayers dime, then the taxpayer paid for his lap band
surgery and what has he contributed: an endless investigation and 1 million new takers so far
(illegal immigrants). All of this charged to the national credit card and the cards over drawn.


Re: Socialized Medicine: Several years ago, when I was visiting my sister-in-law in Italy, she became ill one night. She was Diabetic Type One. I tried to call her daughter; no answer. I called their version of 911. They arrived, wanted to take her to the hospital, my sis-in-law refused. I asked why. She said they would let her die. Her daughter agreed. This scared me. Our youth have to be educated to know that Socialism, Communism doesn’t work. Nothing is Free. Why don’t they believe that part at least? God help us and God bless America.


All because of the Liberal Left.
They want to destroy our country.


If Government run healthcare is so good, explain the VA. Nuff said.


In Joe Biden’s Presidential candidate announcement this morning, (paraphrasing) another 4 years of President Trump will “forever and fundamentally change” America. How could he even utter those words as we look at the progressive “platform” (if we can even call it that) with abolishing the electoral college, open borders, free medicare for all, free college for all, free childcare, free, free, free, etc…. when are people going to wake up and realize that there is NOTHING free…someone, somewhere has to pay for it …and…it will be US.


Keep the government out of health care! Period! Whenever government gets involved in a program, that program gets filled with rot, corruption and substandardization very quickly. Socialized medicine is no different. Those who support it should be asked what kind of kickback they’re receiving. Just like AARP did with Obamacare.

Edward MAshmann

I guess one question I have is would our federal elected representative’s continue to keep there government funded Cadillac plan or would they also enjoy the benefits of Medicare for All? How about other Federal, State and municipal employees and union members. I can’t picture them accepting a reduction in care. So how do they apply for an exemption?


Okay, let’s say that Medicare For All passes (God forbid). If everything is free, who pays the doctors, nurses, etc.? Don’t they have mtges? How do they pay for it if we don’t pay a fee before leaving the office? Am I being too simple? Oh, wait, the govt. pays them. How does the govt. get the money to pay them. Oh, raise taxes….duh.

Anna Petrocelli

Hey, Robert, Russia does not have to do anything to paralyze us. We do it all by ourselves. Not just for “Medicare for All”but what of prisoners voting rights, drug abuses, exploitation, foreigners allowed in our country from different parts of the world and we even pay them to exist here. The list is endless as our own compatriots advocate and have set their minds to destroy everything that is fair, noble, beautiful, rewarding and free.

Stephen Russell

No to Medicare for all unless use free market to compete in prices & services. Nationwide.


No to Medicare for all. I don’t think the under 65 know that it’s not free and covers 80%. Allow health insurance providers to compete across state lines.

Wayne D Peterkin

I have been arguing that Medicare is not all that cheap or comprehensive for most patients. That most of us old folks have supplemental private insurance to help cover what Basic Medicare does not cover and the result is pretty substantial out-of-pocket medical costs for seniors each year including some deductibles and co-pays. Yet this “Medicare for all” discussion seems to imply that would solve everyone’s healthcare needs. It won’t. Based on what my wife and I pay each year without vision or dental coverage, I extended our cost for a family of five and it amounted to out-of-pocket costs of over $16,000 ignoring the deductibles, co-pays, and what Medicare doesn’t cover. Should you look at Medicare Advantage, that is purely private insurance with issues of its own.

Big Al

Simply put, there will be no Medicare/Medicaid/healthcare coverage for all. Brains that are there to come up with a truly viable system have far more important issue to deal with than to get involved with politicians and government.