Mass murder and a tale of two worldviews

The reaction to the Arizona murders this past week showcased the starkly different world views of liberals and conservatives. For nearly a week, we watched liberal journalists, politicians and pundits explain the reasons for this tragedy. It was the “vitriolic” political climate.. It was the mental health system. It’s the gun laws of America that are to blame, Tom Brokaw explained on The Today Show.

I was waiting for some to blame video games. Or football. Or even dodge ball!

But not one liberal of any prominence placed full responsibility on the man who committed this act of violence. Not one called this an act of evil by a bad man. Indeed, liberals don’t like the words good or evil. They avoid those words because they imply some kind of universal truth or standard. Liberals instead search for the “root causes” of such acts. Just as they do for crime in general. And even the acts of international terror groups like Hammas, Hezbollah and Al- Qaeda..

In his remarkable book “Explaining Hitler; The Search for the Origins of his Evil,” author Ron Rosenbaum surveyed the many books written in the 20th Century to “explain” Hitler, and none he concluded was sufficient. Nothing could explain Hitler. He was simply evil.

The left will try to advance their agenda in the coming weeks, and target our most precious rights; free speech and the right to bear arms. Only they won’t use the word target while doing so. We should do everything we can to fight such actions.

Habeeb is the VP of Content for Salem Radio Network, and a senior Fellow at AMAC – the conservative alternative to the AARP.

AMAC – the only senior group dedicated to conservative causes, including Repeal and Replace, religious liberty and the right to bear arms.

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