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The debut year of a 5-speed transmission. The extra leaf on a 2004 Wisconsin state quarter. These are the kinds of details that drive the passion of American Collector Insurance and their customers. American Collectors Insurance has been providing insurance coverage for collectors of all things since 1976 and is known as a leader in the industry. In contrast to many standard insurance companies, the underwriters at American Collectors Insurance are experts in insurance for collector vehicles and precious collections. They provide exceptional coverage and service for their customers.

“We are as passionate about protecting our clients’ possessions as they are about collecting them,” Derek LeBeau, Program Director at American Collectors Insurance, explains. “Unfortunately, many collectors are not aware that there are better ways to protect their collector cars or collectibles.”

Driven by passion, the team at American Collectors Insurance looks to provide the education, guidance, support, and service to consumers in the hobby. Collectors appreciate that because no one wants to find out the hard way that their precious investment wasn’t properly covered.

“Standard policies are simply not sufficient for collectibles,” Orlando Morales, Underwriting Manager at American Collectors Insurance explains. “Standard policies typically only cover actual cash value and deduct for depreciation in the event of a loss. At American Collectors Insurance, we cover the agreed upon value of our customer’s vehicles or collections. In other words, we guarantee the full insured value, less any deductible, in the event of total loss.”

Although insuring the agreed upon value of a collector car or collectibles sounds expensive, American Collector Insurance premiums are typically priced much lower than standard insurance rates.  Additionally, AMAC members automatically receive a 5% discount for auto insurance and a 10% discount for collectibles insurance with American Collectors Insurance.

Applicants for collector car insurance must have at least five years of licensed driving experience, a good driving record with no more than one moving violation or at-fault accident within the last three years, and one regular use vehicle for every licensed driver in the household.  Coverage varies by state but is generally available for collector vehicles of all years, makes, and models that are driven on a limited basis and kept in an enclosed and locked garage. The specialists at American Collectors Insurance explain any additional requirements to the customer.

With the rise of online marketplaces for collectors, the collectibles hobby is rapidly growing into a multi-billion dollar industry. Collectibles are the #1 selling category on auction websites like EBay. “We have been focusing resources on connecting with collectors so we can help them get the right insurance coverage to protect their prized collection,” LeBeau continued.

American Collectors Insurance has created a series of plans that offer affordable, agreed value coverage without the hassle of appraisals; protection against many types of perils; zero deductible options; and coverage during shipment of newly purchased items and special use. The most common collections that are insured by American Collectors Insurance are figurines, model trains, sports memorabilia, crystal and glass, comic books, coins, toys, wine and gun collections, but the company offers coverage for many other types. American Collectors Insurance encourage collectors to give them a call to learn more about protecting their collection.

“We have great pricing and coverage, but I believe that our consistently excellent service is what really sets us apart from other insurance companies,” Morales said. “When you call us, you don’t have to suffer through a long wait time or complicated phone menu. Instead, you will speak directly to one of our collector insurance specialists who are eager to talk to you about your collector car or valued collection.” In fact, many of the specialists at American Collectors Insurance are collectors themselves. They share in their customer’s passion and love to hear the history and details of their client’s cars and collections.

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