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Liberal Hypocrisy – Pandemics and Protests


Liberal mayors and blue state governors have set a trap for themselves, and they likely do not know it. Just weeks ago, barbers and gym owners were targeted for arrest. Their business licenses were yanked for trying to earn a living and to serve the public. A single paddleboarder was chased down by authorities on jet skis off a southern California beach. Walking on sand was grounds for apprehension in May. Why? Liberals in authority wanted to appear tough. Dare cross them, and a strong price was to be paid. They were eager to make examples of out of people.

Enter the protests. Where were the liberals in power? The hands-off, “velvet glove” approach of letting protestors do whatever they wanted for several nights has proven disastrous. What about Covid-19? We were told there is a pandemic. Lives are supposedly at risk. You still can’t get a haircut in Michigan, even today. Yet thousands of protestors assembling and marching practically on top of one another is fine. Could it be because most in these crowds are leftists and progressives? Are mayors and governors reluctant to bite the hands of the very voters that put and keep them in office? It sure seems so. Apparently, it’s just the business owners be damned.

It’s been a double whammy for too many business owners in America’s cities. First, the mandatory closures. Then the broken windows and looting of their property. Some are now finished for good.

The cause of speaking out against police brutality is righteous. It should never be tolerated. Indeed, the right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the First Amendment. But the tactics of the more militant protestors, indeed even the assemblies themselves, are questionable though, given the pandemic.

Here is the trap. If we have a spike in Covid-19 cases in the next one to two weeks in these cities, we will know why. The same liberal mayors may try to say it’s because business re-openings were rushed. They’ll try to blame the law-abiding couple for going out to a restaurant or the restaurant owners themselves. They’ll even find a way to blame President Trump. But we all know better. The liberal mayors and governors themselves will be to blame for not shutting down the protests the first day in the name of public health like everything else shut down for the same reason.

But what if there’s no spike in Coronavirus cases? Were the liberal authorities then right to allow throngs of protestors to march in big crowds and the mobs to rule with impunity for several nights? No. It’ll just expose how wrongheaded the draconian closures were in the first place. Keeping the healthy away from the healthy when only the old and infirm needed special protection was never sound public health policy and are without precedent.

So there you have it—more failed liberal leadership in our cities and some blue states. Voters should pay attention. Don’t expect the media elite to tell the truth about any of this. They are complicit accomplices in the entire affair.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communication for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with over 2.1 million members.

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