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Led By the Progressive Socialist Wing of the Party, Democrats Passed a Bill in the House That, if it Became Law, Would Upend Election Law, says AMAC

HR 1 For the People Act Local Federal Election law fraud progressive socialist election law houseHR 1, the For the People Act of 2019, ‘facilitates fraud,’ say political experts, calling the proposed law ‘the on ramp for the road to socialism,’ says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 8 – The passage of HR 1 in the House of Representatives on Friday “seems to be the on-ramp for the road to socialism.  It confirms the intentions of far-left extremists in Congress to make it easier for socialism to gradually undermine and overtake our Constitution and the legacy of our founding fathers.”

The Lawyers Democracy Fund [LDF], which is focused on election law, has prepared documents that expose what appears to be the move by progressive members of the House of Representatives to drastically change America’s election laws.

According to the LDF, the so-called campaign finance reform bill, aims to overturn “the federalism foundation of the electoral process in the United States that has been in place for the past two centuries.”

Says AMAC, “the enactment of such a law would facilitate fraud, not while the GOP holds the White House and the Senate, but if and when the Democratic Party, with its increasingly progressive tendencies, controls the three branches of government.  And, it would give the left an edge and allow them to further tamper with our rights and our lives.”

The LDF notes that among the provisions in the legislation is one that would essentially abolish voter ID laws.  All that would be needed to cast a ballot would be a signature.  The measure would also allow online and same day registration and a variety of other “permissive” elements that would almost invite tampering.

And, it would “remove state registration signature laws that require an affirmation of eligibility from the voter at the time of registration. The voter is currently required to fill out the necessary information to register to vote and affirm, by signature under oath, that the information is true and correct and the voter to the best of his knowledge is eligible to vote. Under the bill, new registrants would not be required to provide a signature at the time of registration. Instead, they would only have to provide their signature at the time the voter requests an absentee mail ballot or when they check-in to vote at a polling place.”

National Review’s senior writer David French summed up the implications of the self-styled, For the People Act of 2019, whose cosponsors include among 20 others, self-styled Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, [D-NY-14].

“At its essence, the bill federalizes control over elections to an unprecedented scale, expands government power over political speech, mandates increased disclosures of private citizens’ personal information (down to name and address), places conditions on citizen contact with legislators that inhibits citizens’ freedom of expression, and then places enforcement of most of these measures in the hands of a revamped Federal Election Commission that is far more responsive to presidential influence,” French wrote.

AMAC recommends those who are interested should make their own evaluation of the pros and cons of HR 1 and notes that the full LDF assessment is worth a read.

“This is, perhaps, the first of many bald-faced gestures we can expect as progressives, socialists — and even Communists — gain attention and try to influence susceptible millennial voters in the months and years to come.  Vladimir Lenin, who ruled Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1924 when he died, boasted that socialism would provide ‘peace, bread, land;’ instead, there was no peace, bread was scarce and the land belonged to the state.”


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