Q & A with Jedediah: February 2011 Edition

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Is Obama serious with this budget? – Greg A.

What’s the matter, Greg? You’re not excited about adding roughly $13 trillion to our debt and at least $1.5 trillion in tax increases over the next ten years? You’re not psyched about a spending freeze that would lock in the President’s heightened spending levels from the last two years? You’re not impressed by the fact that President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and then ignored virtually all of its proposals? You’re not elated that the President showed zero leadership by not addressing entitlement spending?

Well, aren’t you just a regular Grinch.

The bottom line: Obama will continue to talk spending reductions while bankrupting our country. He will continue to talk tax cuts while increasing taxes. And he will continue to utilize gimmicks to try to convince you that he is doing the exact opposite of what he is actually doing. If allowed to proceed, he will bury this country under a mountain of debt that will ravage our economic and national security.

So, to answer your question – yes, he’s serious. And conservative voters better be just as serious about making him a one-term President.

What do you think about the latest Planned Parenthood scandals? – Carol P.

You mean their cover-up of child sex trafficking? The fact that they advised adults posing as sex traffickers on how to acquire abortions and other services for their underage sex workers?

It’s an atrocity. Much like the way Planned Parenthood has repeatedly misinformed women with inaccurate medical information and has violated mandatory laws requiring them to report statutory rape.

Whether you’re pro-life or not, one should be able to see plain as day that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive a penny of our tax dollars. The organization’s record speaks for itself.

Why is the leadership not demanding to hold Obama in contempt after the FL ruling? – Charles

The President and his administration are currently defying a court order, and it’s outrageous. The law has been declared unconstitutional and is void. The states need to go before Judge Vinson and formally let him know that the federal government is continuing to implement the law despite his ruling. I don’t know why that’s not happening, but it certainly should be.

Do you think the GOP 2012 contenders will be tough with Obama when it comes to his record? – Rose P.

Generally speaking, I do. However, the person best fit to tackle Obama’s record is someone who can stand on a solid record of his/her own – a record that is the antithesis of Obama’s. Simply put, we need someone whose actions and decisions have reflected limited government, constitutional integrity, spending reductions, transparency, pro-growth economic policies, and the protection of the tenth amendment.

Considering how he has emphatically said he will not run in 2012, what will it take to get Chris Christie to change his mind? – The Hair

Christie is doing some fantastic fiscal work in New Jersey. However, I haven’t yet heard what I’d consider to be a satisfactory response to why he hasn’t joined the multi-state lawsuit against Obamacare. Also, what does he mean specifically by “a commonsense path to citizenship for people”?

Mark Levin brings up some great points in response to Ann Coulter here. An excerpt follows:

When will my dear friend Ann start to address the substantive problems with Christie’s actual positions or are we going to get another year of “only Christie can win” fortune cookie logic?

Does she support his positions on: gun control, amnesty, the appointment of an Islamist to the bench, the green agenda, his campaigning for Mike Castle, his MIA on health care litigation, etc.; and how does she think this would energize the base outside of New Jersey? Has the Tea Party even in NJ been pushing for his candidacy? No. Yes, he’s solid in his YouTube battles with teachers and his efforts to try and address NJ’s budget problems, the outcome of which have yet to be determined. But the federal government is a vast enterprise that requires a solid conservative at the helm, especially now. 

What are you currently reading and do you recommend it? – Patricia R.

I just started The Notes: Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of Stories and Wisdom. It’s fantastic, but it won’t hit stores till May. You don’t want to miss it.

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