The Party of Lincoln?

By Jedediah Bila

Yesterday on Fox News, I heard an excellent monologue by Neil Cavuto, thoughts he shared about the Republican Party after seeing Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” He said what needed to be said, that the Republican Party has lost its way. I couldn’t agree more.

Cavuto stated:

It doesn’t make sense that a party that defined itself providing opportunity for all now gets bested by another party pushing government for all.

How the heck did that happen?

How did a party founded by disgruntled northern white Protestants and African-Americans, and under whose tent you had everyone from farmers to factory workers back then, become the mishmash it is now?

Watching “Lincoln,” I was reminded about a time when Republicans stood for opportunity for all and a president risked his very office enshrining it in our Constitution. Forget about what’s happened to our Constitution, what’s happened to theirs?

What’s happened to Republicans?

What happened to the party that extolled the benefits of business, but not so blindly that under Theodore Roosevelt, wasn’t afraid to rein in the abuses of business?

What happened to that party that pushed to keep our food safe and our environment clean? That could distinguish between regulations that mattered to life and not the onslaught of meaningless ones taxing business to death?

That could discern the difference between a smart government and an excessive government?

That brought us our national parks and protected our national workers?

What happened to that party? That party whose first slogan was “free soil, free silver, free men”?

Now, more like freefall.

It’s not that Republicans don’t know their future. They’ve forgotten their past and what should be in their soul. A party that defined itself not by what it could give you, but the boundary-less opportunities this country could provide you.

Remember that the Tea Party rose up in response to big-spending, big-government Republicans. We already have a Democrat Party. This country doesn’t need two. We don’t need two parties defending tax hikes, two parties justifying class warfare, or two parties addicted to overspending and absurd baseline budgeting that would bankrupt any household. We don’t need two parties fighting for government overreach into your private lives and personal decision-making.

What we need is a party that fights for opportunity and is determined to do something bold about our $16.4 trillion national debt.

We need a party that isn’t afraid of serious outreach to communities that have been told for years that Democrats are their allies, communities that have suffered immensely at the hands of big-government policies.

We need a party that cares about engaging this country’s youth, that cares about battling academia’s bias and working with young people who value their freedoms and potential.

The truth is that both parties have failed the American people. I’d like to think that the party of Lincoln can do a lot better than this.

Wouldn’t you?

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