Hillary Clinton Lawyers to be Investigated

Hillary Clinton lawyersFormer Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is set to travel the country to promote her book entitled “What happened.” Tickets to hear her ‘personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny story,’ at the price of up to $1,200 per ticket, are selling out fast. Parts of her live tour will focus on her loss of the 2016 Presidential election, in which she won the popular vote but lost the White House. It seems her book will now need an extra chapter, as Hillary’s lawyers will be investigated for their alleged roles in deleting emails.

While serving as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, Clinton used a private email server to conduct business, rather than use the official State Department email account maintained on federal servers. During the Benghazi hearings, Clinton received a subpoena to hand over emails related to the investigation into the 2012 deadly attack on U.S. facilities in Libya. Clinton handed over select records, and allowed her team of aides and lawyers to delete over 31,000 emails. While under investigation, Clinton’s server was wiped clean using BleachBit, a software program intended to prevent recovery and hide traces of deleted files. Immunity deals were given to some of the players responsible for the destruction of Clinton’s emails during the FBI’s and House Judiciary Committee’s investigations. The FBI ultimately concluded that no clear evidence of intention to violate law was found. However, Clinton and her colleagues handling of classified material was deemed “extremely careless.”

According to the FBI, Clinton’s decision to use a private email server posed a national security risk. During a press conference, when asked about wiping her server clean, the Democratic presidential candidate coyly replied, “Like with a cloth or something?” Her long-standing cavalier attitude may now need an adjustment. On Monday morning, a hearing took place whereby Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris ordered Clinton’s lawyers to face a bar investigation amidst “allegations of destroying evidence.” Three lawyers stand accused of helping the former Secretary of State to delete her private emails. The judge announced that the complaints lodged against David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson were “egregious” and could not be dismissed as frivolous. The three Maryland licensed lawyers could face professional sanctions if they are found guilty of misconduct.

Judge Harris’ ruling came after Ty Clevenger, a Texas attorney who lives in New York, filed a complaint arguing that Clinton’s lawyers engaged in misconduct by destroying evidence. The FBI initially denied an open-records request into its investigation, citing a lack of sufficient public interest to overcome Clinton’s privacy rights. Mr. Clevenger appealed to the Justice Department which recently ruled that it would expedite his request, indicating that the case meets the threshold of public interest. Clinton, who claims she relied on her legal team to sort through her electronic communications, will now be faced with more questions from the public on her handling of emails; a painful subject she believes helped cost her the election.

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