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Veterans' Voices

Help Vets Get to VA Hospital.

soldiersAMAC Member: Charles Wanner

Location: South Carolina

For many of our Vets, getting to the VA Hospital can be more difficult than getting an appointment. That’s where I, and thousands of other volunteers come into place. The DAV has a fleet of Ford vans which provide this very necessary service. While it is registered as a Government vehicle, the DAV has to come up with $15,000.00 for each Van purchased. Ford Motor Company absorbs the rest of the cost. We are using a van with over 300,000 miles on it. It has to make a 160 mile trip 4 days a week. The DAV has a great deal of Vans in the same condition. Want to help a vet, donate to the DAV. They have a big job to do and it’s only going to get bigger with our military spread out across the globe.

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