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Submitted by AMAC Member David Perlman –

Today’s political right-leaning talk media is in the decline. After the last election, it was apparent that the only ones benefiting from those supporting conservative ideas were those fortunate enough to be paid to host well paid announcing jobs.

In looking back at the hype leading up to doomsday (November 6, 2012), it is very clear than none of our leading media spokespeople brought any inkling of the methods needed to win the executive or legislative branches in the last election.

The left election strategy tactics are unthinkable to the right – from voter intimidation to massive spending promoting lies. But those tactics are easily overcome when conservatives are represented with a charismatic, energetic principled person who is not afraid to step on toes and speak factually.

What is most difficult to overcome is the left’s suspect but continuous ability to go into minority sections of urban areas and bus, replete with regalia fitting a king, masses to the voting booth. Providing them with a completed sample ballot, a full stomach and the promise of a free cell phone in every hand, the ballot collectively cast is not in doubt.

Benjamin Franklin is widely attributed as saying “when the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

The only solution, save an armed revolution, is an amendment to the Constitution that would extend national voting rights only to those who pay taxes to the federal government. Like all other amendments, it would correct a deficiency that was known but not included when at a time no one knew about deficit spending.

We have reached that pinnacle in our republic’s history and without any conservative counterpunch, it is safe to say that there is no turning back the liberal progressive plague.




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