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Every Minute Does Make a Difference When You Fall

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We all know someone who has fallen. It’s only natural to feel a little unsteady stepping into the shower or uneasy walking down stairs. If you can’t get up after falling, the injury quickly swells, and complications can arise from lack of oxygen, shock, dehydration, anxiety and elevated blood pressure. It is true. Every minute counts.

The statistics are sobering. 1 in 4 seniors will fall this year. 50% of seniors over 80 will fall. It just happens as we age. Falling is the leading cause of unintentional-injury deaths for people over the age of 65. Most seniors who live at home do not have a fall detection device. So, it could literally be hours before help arrives. And, we know that once you call 911, it takes on average 19 minutes for the emergency responders to arrive at your home. 19 minutes is a long time, but what if you are unconscious? What if you are disoriented and cannot alert help? We’ve heard countless stories about people who laid for hours in their home while neighbors all around were ready and willing to help, if notified.

We encourage you to invest in a fall detection device. We encourage you to bond with your neighbors to watch out for each other, and to be prepared in the event of a fall. Some of the new devices, like MyNotifi®, instantly alert family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs, and you get to set up your “circle of notifies” including your children, close neighbors and friends. The device contacts everyone on your list immediately if a fall is detected, and help arrives within seconds. Every member on your list can text with each other to all know what is happening in real time.

11,000 Americans become seniors every day, and that trend will continue every day for the next 10 years.  Your independence is worth protecting. It’s never too early to start taking preventative action to maintain your independence and stay safe in the event of a fall. Who better to be notified when you fall than your family, your close friends and your next-door neighbors. There is a profound sense of security by senior and caregiver alike knowing that seniors will be safe and that family will be notified and can help, especially when every minute counts.

Reprinted with permission from - MyNotifi

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