Elementary School Kids Get Free Condoms in Provincetown, MA

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

Maybe you sent your ten-year-old granddaughter to school this morning with turkey on rye, an apple, and a fruit roll-up. You might be worrying that she’ll have another argument with her best friend or freeze up on the test you helped her study for last night.

Or perhaps you dropped your nine-year-old nephew off at the bus stop and made sure he had an extra packet of Kleenex in his pocket in case that pesky cough kicked in. You might be nervous that he’ll try to make the kids laugh by putting invisible glue on the teacher’s chair again or that the class bully will call him chubby in front of his buddies like he did last week.

But did you ever imagine having to worry that the child you dropped off at elementary school this morning might pick up a free condom between classes? Welcome to America’s educational system in 2010.

Todd Starnes reported this week that “A New England school district has approved a measure that will provide free condoms to elementary school students and direct teachers not to comply with parental wishes to the contrary. The policy, unanimously approved by the Provincetown School Committee  does not include an age limit — meaning children of any age ask for — and receive — free condoms.”

That’s right, folks. If your little Jenny or Michael goes to school in Provincetown, MA, she or he will have access to free, school-provided condoms. And if you don’t like it, well that’s just too darn bad.

And check out this bombshell: “The policy does stipulate that kids must consult with a nurse or trained counselor before getting their sexual protection – and that upset some of the committee members, according to the Provincetown Banner.” Yes, you read that correctly. Some committee members feel that making elementary school kids consult with a nurse or counselor before getting free condoms at school is a bit much. Starnes disclosed that committee member Shannon Patrick revealed this to the Provincetown Banner: “I don’t like that students can’t be discreet about this . . . They have to go and ask for it. I’d rather them not have the conversation [with counselors] and have the condom than not have the condom.” Some days I feel like we live in a very sick world, and this is precisely why.

This decision by the Provincetown School Committee is disturbing and downright twisted. The fact that anyone in our educational system deems it appropriate to provide free condoms to elementary school children – and to trample on parental rights in the process – is a complete and utter disgrace. It becomes clearer and clearer to me why so many parents home-school their children without a second thought.

What’s next from America’s schools? Will they be providing birth control pills to eleven-year-olds? Morning after pills to twelve-year-olds? Will schools offer sexual discovery classes in place of P.E.? Those things may sound ridiculous to some of you now, but such atrocities would arise from the same mindset currently promoting the availability of free condoms to nine-year-olds at school, while ignoring parental objections.

To be frank, I don’t want to hear any of that “Well, isn’t it better that they’re prepared?” garbage. We’re talking about elementary school kids. The only things they need to be prepared for are the Saturday Science Fair and whether or not their first crushes will go to the school dance with them on Friday night. Period.

Parents – make sure your kids are in a learning environment where your voices still count. To the school committee that approved this measure – you get a big, fat “F.”

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