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Election Madness: Tell Me What You Think

electionThis election cycle has many losing their sanity, particularly on social media. The GOP is clearly a bit of a mess. Trump vs. Cruz, the possibility of a brokered convention, Kasich waiting in the wings…so, how does this all play out?

Does any candidate get the adequate number of delegates?

What are the odds of a contested convention?

Would the Republican Party emerge united from a contested convention?

Who do you feel has the best shot to beat Hillary Clinton and why?

Does the Trump vs. Cruz feud seem like a silly distraction or worthwhile battle? Whose side are you on, if any?

What do you make of polling showing Kasich with the best chance to beat Hillary?

Do you think the GOP will unify behind Trump if he is the nominee?

Will Hillary’s email scandal ultimately sink her candidacy?

Are you confident in the GOP’s messaging/outreach/election strategy once the nominee is decided?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a television host and commentator, author, and columnist. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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