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border 5

Illegals Flood Over Border, Older Americans Care – Where is Congress?

god bless america 2

“God Bless America” Under Fire in Schools – Constitution Supports Faith

american history 8

The Importance of American History – Looking Back to See Forward

America's 86

Abusive Oversight is Not a Strategy – Democrats Should Put America First

sanctuary cities 3

Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities and Counties – Will they catch on?

free speech 24

President Trump Stands Tall – For Free Speech on American Campuses

american's creed 1

Time to Fully Embrace the American’s Creed


Salute to AMAC in Disorienting Times!

religious-liberty-america-bible intolerance 1

News Flash: US Government Declares Bible to be Word of God and “Rock” of America

census 8

Census Must Abide Constitution – Asking Citizenship Key