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pelosi 130

House GOPers Say Pelosi Has No Plan to Bring House Back Safely as Rest of US Returns to Work

Planned Parenthood 5

Joe Biden’s Real Running Mate: Planned Parenthood

debt 2

Sending Up a Flare – On Federal Debt

yourself 103

Political Alert: Do Not Be Afraid to Think for Yourself

police 99

Three Big Questions – About Riots and Police Defunding

trump leadership 21

OPINION: We Now Know – Trump’s Leadership Saved Lives

china 1

Beijing’s Revenge? Two Pro-China Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests

lease 3

Like a Tweet, Lose a Lease

hillary 148

Hillary Clinton’s Interview – Socialist, Sarcastic, Strikingly Unaware

biblical 28

Vatican Archbishop Witnesses America’s Current Biblical Struggle and Urges President Trump and all Americans to Pray