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china seattle protest demands 22

Peaceful Protests v. Violent Riots – History Teaches that Dangers Lurk


IRS Proposal Bolsters Alternative Health Coverage Arrangements – Direct primary care, healthcare sharing ministries could be funded through HRAs

economic 45

Finally, Good Economic News!

systemic 139

A “Systemic” Problem with all Police? Not so fast.

june 6, 1944 1

Stop and Remember, – June 6, 1944. It is Important, No Kidding

trump 14

‘We’ve Got to Go Beyond Tolerance, to Love’

socialism 1

Heritage Foundation: 9 Ways that Socialism Will Morally Bankrupt America

Barr 2

Attorney General Barr: “The Rule of Law Will Prevail”

space force start 14

The Fledgling U.S. Space Force is Off to an Impressive, if Not Mysterious Start, says AMAC

liberals 124

Liberal Hypocrisy – Pandemics and Protests