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AMAC Action’s Response


AMAC’s Legislative Recommendations to Congress for COVID-19 Legislation

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AMAC Supports Bill to Place Temporary Restrictions on Acquisitions by the People’s Republic of China

AMAC Joins Coalition to Urge Congress to Keep Unnecessary Spending Out of Phase 4 Pandemic Package


AMAC Action Joins 31 Organizations in Urging Congress to Reject Bill That Would Open the Door to Medicare for All


AMAC Supports Bill to Increase Hospital Capacity to Fight the Coronavirus, H.R. 6336


AMAC Action Recommendation for Surprise Medical Billing Arbitration

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AMAC Supports Bill to Expand Technologies for US Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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AMAC Members Favor Reducing Dependence on Drugs from China


AMAC Action Joins Healthcare Coalition to Urge Congress to Reject Price Controls

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AMAC Secures Key Policy Wins in CARES Act