Articles by Cole P. Zail

Cole P. Zail is a contributor to AMAC's website.


survey Trump Travel ban speech immigration recovery opioid

Surveying Harvey Havoc, Trump Talks Recovery

Obamacare liberals mandate individual 1

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Exits More Obamacare Markets

abortions baby Oregon liberal 32

Abortions Free in Oregon, Thanks to Liberal Anti-Life Bill

White House Sean Spicer Bannon Trump secure 7

Bannon Out as White House Strategist

Venezuela socialism liberals socialist 28

As Tensions in Venezuela Rise, Trump Talks Military Intervention

freedom 7

Greenhouse Theory Contested

socialist revolution capitol hill republicans-can-block-subsidies manning washington tax dollars salaries federal 11

“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Bureaucrat Scorned”: Celebrating Milton Friedman, Conservative Icon and Father of Economic Freedom

Trump Jobs Speech travel 11

The Trump Boom: Economic Success and Promises Kept

border patrol Trump 13

Border Patrol Praises “Miraculous” Decline in Illegal Entry Under Trump

kellyanne-conway-first-woman 18

Trump Vows to Liberate Our Towns from MS-13